25 best beaches in the world

There is something so exhilarating and relaxing about beaches. Here, we are going to talk about 25 best beaches in the world. If you love the smell of the falling water and the sight that only a coastline can offer, this post is going to be a real treat for your eyes.

Be prepared to be lost in the brilliance of the mesmerizing beauty which each of these beaches is sure to exude. This countdown of 25 best beaches in the world is sure to make the wanderer in you crave to pack your bags and head out for an expedition of a lifetime.
So, let’s get going, shall we?

1Seven Mile beach, Cayman islands

If you are headed to the Caribbean, make sure to witness the beauty of this amazing beach. The sightseeing is too good to be missed.

2Beau Vallon beach, Seychelles

There are a few sights as brilliant as Seychelles. This cluster of islands will entice you and leave you in a breathtaking state.

3Knip beach, Curacao

There are a lot of  coral reefs to explore and enjoy. The deep blue water will appeal to your mood.

4Cayo de Agua, Venezuela

It is known for being one of the ultimate scenic paradises the turquoise water and the scenic trance looks captivating.

5Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands

This beach is known for its famous the sprawling scenic brilliance and the underwater trail famous for snorkelling.

6Matira beach, Bora Bora

If you love beaches with long coconut trees and those that are rich in aquatic wildlife, don’t miss out on this gorgeous beach.

7Malolo island, Fiji

The white sandy beaches and the azure blue water makes Fiji the perfect beach destination which you must visit more than once in your lifetime.

8Crane beach, Barbados

The crystal clear beach and the clear sand along with the breathtaking landscape make this beach a definite addition in this list.

9Flamenco beach, Puerto Rico

It has a horseshoe-shaped bay and it is primarily known for its sports, fishing and swimming activities. This beach is a complete entertainer.

10Maya bay, Thailand

This beach is known for being one of the most beautiful of all beaches  and it is surrounded by tall cliffs on three sides.

11Whitehaven beach, Australia

The sand of this beach is made from 98 percent silica. You will find a beautiful blend of sand and colour that looks tranquil.

12White beach, Philippines

Just as the name implies, this beach comprises of pristine white sand and the beauty of the beach is so majestic that it will leave you speechless.

13Etretat plage, France

The twin white cliffs along with the pebble beach make this place in France perfect romantic destination which you must see.

14Grand Anse beach, Grenada

Stretched over 2 miles long, this beach is a piece of beauty to look at. It is going to help you cherish the solitude.

15Navagio beach, Greece

If you look at the towering cliff, you are going to be blown by the mesmerizing beauty of this beach. This is the ultimate of all destinations in Greece.

16Luskentyre beach, Scotland

The water is turquoise and the sand is white. The cliffs are huge and the view is serene. Romance, anyone?

17Balos beach, Greece

You have to really earn your visit to this beach as it involves a lot of trekking. However, once you are here, it is worth every effort.

18Praia Dona Ana, Portugal

The sand is golden and the water is clear. It is considered by many as one of the most photographed beaches of all time.

19Rabbit island beach, Italy

It has the last trace of the Italian terrain and when you are here at this beach, you are going to forget everything else entirely.

20Piha beach, New Zealand

If you love surfing and stealing some incredible views, make sure to head to this awesome beach located in one of the most picturesque countries of the world.

21Boulder’s beach, South Africa

This beach is home for South African penguins and you really do not need another reason to go there, do you?

22Lumahai beach, Hawaii

The water currents are strong and so you may not get to swim but if you want to drink in the views, this is the best you could have asked for.

23Muri beach, Cook islands

It is a set of 15 different islands which is known for the mesmerizing blue lagoons that you find here.

24Cable beach, Australia

What happens when you blend red ochre cliffs, white sand and the turquoise water? You get a beach that speaks of pure excellence and that is exactly what the cable beach offers.

25Essaouira beach, Morocco

This beach deserves being in this list because of the views you can get when you are here. The tides are high and they take you on a high too.

Which one among these is your favourite pick? I can’t wait to visit all of them!

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