Also known as the Golden State, California is a perfect ensemble of art & technology. It allows you to become a part of a rich & diverse culture, get lost in the wilderness, and have the best surf of your life. California is sure enough to give you one of the most memorable trips of your life. The moment you step into this Golden State, you feel yourself being transported to a magical la la land.

Apart from being a nature’s bounty, California is the hub of entertainment as it produces world’s best Hollywood movies. It is a world leader in art and technology. It is like the heart of America supplying the blood & oxygen to the whole of the country.

Now, let us take a look at 10 best things that you should do when visiting California and make your visit legendary!

1The Fantastical Disneyland – A waking-dream, offering thrill rides, and magical live shows featuring kids’ favorite Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse

2The Big Sur Coastline – An extravagant 90 mile driving route covering Point Sur lighthouse, the McWay Falls, and the Bixby Bridge

3Death Valley – The hottest & driest valley which once recorded temperatures of 134 degrees Fahrenheit

4Lake Tahoe – An adventurous point to enjoy kayaking, jet skiing and snowmobile driving

5Golden Gate Bridge – A famous historical landmark and the very heart & soul of The United States

6San Diego Zoo – Spread over 100 acres and a home to over 3,700 animals of 650 species

7Alcatraz Island – The first US built fort and lighthouse on the United States’ west coast

8Hollywood Walk of Fame – It is an iconic walkway comprising more than 2,500 stars embedded with the names of legendary Hollywood actors/actresses

9San Francisco Cable Car System – The last of its kind moving historical landmark to roam around San Francisco

10The mesmerizing Montery Bay Aquarium – Featuring an exciting selection of fishes, marine mammals, & invertebrates

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