The idea of visiting some of the most beautiful islands in the world, is what brightens up my mood instantly. Everything becomes celestial as soon as you step down on an island. Serenity & quietude surrounds you when you are at these beautiful islands. And, to give you some major travelling goals I am about to enlist 10 of the world’s most beautiful islands on earth. These breathtaking islands are sure to give you some chills with their awestruck beauty. So, visit these islands with your special someone to spend the most memorable quality time of your life since islands are the perfect romantic getaways.

Travelling to new places is always rejuvenating but a trip to an island is how landing in a paradise feels like. Calming sea view, sandy beaches, romantic walks, luscious greenery, and my personal stairway to heaven, is how I define islands. Away from the hustle bustle and fast pace of city life, islands are the best escape ever.

Time to shake off those work & anxiety shackles and plan a trip to at least One of these world’s most enchanting islands on earth!

1Seychelles, Eastern Coast of Africa

2Maldives, Indian Ocean

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3Bali, Indonesia

4Fiji, South Pacific Ocean

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5Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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6Palawan, Philippines

7Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

8Santorini, Greece

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9Mallorca, Spain

10Phuket, Thailand

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