Google Introduced Nexus User Experience on Samsung Galaxy S4

Recently Google I/O developers’ conference in San Francisco, reveals Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone runs pure Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It will come with Bootloader unlocked handset, LTE support, 16GB, Promt (directly) system updates. The phone will be available on 26th June 2013 and will work on AT&T and T-Mobile networks. So it can be purchased directly from google play store for US $649. After buying this smart phone  you will definitely enjoy every feature of running officially google android on a big screen resolution.

Screen Shot of Google Galaxy S4

Home Screen : Just same like a google nexus 4. Simple, easy to use and fast processing. This is the best home screen we have ever seen on Android Smartphones.

Home Screen of google galaxy s4

Google New Music Player : Google has recently redesigned their android google play music player app, all new google plays music features will provide on this GS4.  This is also a big announcement at the google I/O developers meeting.

Google New Music Player App on Samsung galaxy s4 Google andoid

Multitasking :  is a good feature in pure google android. With one touch you can see your opened apps on your screen and also kill apps to slide an app.

Multitasking with pure google android on samsung galaxy s4

Quick Settings : with one touch tab on the left of the notification bar you have provide phone setting to control or manage your settings like Bluetooth on-off button, autobrightness or WI-fi connection etc.

Quick Settings on samsung galaxy s4 with pure google android jelly bean

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Running Pure Google Android 4.2 jelly bean Video