10 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps Ever!

Love adventure and exploring? Well if so then Minecraft is officially the best game for you! With a huge number of fans from all over the world, Minecraft is already quite popular among people. The internet is already flooded with Minecraft maps and these maps follow different genres varying from puzzles to adventure and many more! In this post, we are going to explore the 10 best Minecraft adventure maps ever! While most of these adventure maps are about exploring, solving puzzles and fighting, they will certainly guarantee to rise the adrenaline levels in your body.

1Herobrine’s Mansion

One of the most popular maps of the Halloween, Heorbrine’s Mansion was created by a very popular name. This map is loaded with a number of features like unique potions, enemies and unlimited adventure! If you are looking forward to try one map from this collection then Herobrine’s Mansion is the one for you!

2The Tourist

One of the longest Minecraft maps, The Tourist can last as long as four hours. The map boasts of a number of cool features including its own soundtrack and a number of mini games to keep the players entertained.

3Kingdom of the Sky

Love fantasy games? Well if so then this Minecraft map can provide you with the perfect plot ever! Based on narration, the map contains a number of audio logs which gives the player key points to proceed in the map.

4Wrath of the Fallen

One of the best maps from the Hypixel collection, it is full of mystic potions, custom weapons and enemies. Full of adventure and thrill, you can also play it with your friends or can go solo if you wish to!

5The Forgotten Temple

A relatively short and classic adventure map, The Forgotten Temple has been one of the favorite maps among people from a very long time. There are various puzzles and challenges for the player and a final score will enable them to evaluate their performance.

6Curse of the Pumpkin King

An old style map which revolves around a classic tale of a kingdom. The pumpkin king is lost and his land is in danger. The player emerges as the savior and finds the king back by meeting a number of challenges and solving puzzles.

7Pokemon Johto

An extreme Pokemon experience, the map is based in the gold and silver mines of the Johto region. With its cool soundtrack and excellent visuals, this map is definitely worth the play.

8Zombie Apocalypse

Minecraft Zombies are already very much popular and this map is a mixture of all the adventure and thrill that a classic zombie game should contain. You can bring in a friend to help you solve the puzzles quickly.

9Star Wars

Crafted for the ultimate fighting experience, the Star Wars is yet an amazing Minecraft map created by the Hypixel. With extremely good war scenarios, this map will definitely win your heart.

10Minecraft’s Edge

If you like running and jumping games then you are going to love this Minecraft map. You have to run and jump over the hurdles to achieve the best score.