Highly-acclaimed, well-known actor, producer, rapper, and songwriter, Will Smith has starred in a wide array of emotionally-gripping and psychologically-stimulating films. Whatever the genre, Smith’s acting ability never fails, allowing his audience members to truly be captivated by his utter realism and consistent authenticity.

Due to such talent, Smith has rightfully nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards and has won four Grammy Awards.

Nevertheless, though the characters that Smith plays are ever-changing, his ability to instill motivation and inspiration within his viewers remains constant. Through sharpened ability, Smith turns even the lowliest of roles into someone that can be admired, respected, and, above all, motivational. Due to such cinematic characteristics, it is no wonder that Smith acquires the popularity he does within the North American populous.

Be that as it may, if you feel sudden bouts of dispassion, Smith’s films are a great way to pacify this uninspired mind. Therefore, here’s a list of Smith’s most encouraging and stimulating works:

1The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) scene Within this powerful piece of cinema, Smith plays the role of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman based in San Francisco. When left to raise his child alone, Chris lands an unpaid internship with a cut-throat stockbroker-training program. Nevertheless, without the flow of income, Chris and his son are forced into homelessness. However, due to the concrete dedication of Chris as well as the love and support from his son, Chris conquers his obstacles with grace and agility. Chris works to encapsulate all the characteristics needed in a successful individual: compassionate, dedicated, and passionate.


2Ali (2001)

Ali (2001)

Smith stars as the American heavyweight boxing legend, Muhammad Ali in the 2001 film, Ali. Throughout the film, Smith brilliantly relives the trials and tribulations this famous athlete had to face in order to reach stardom. As a biographical sports drama film, this piece is infused with spell-binding shots and enrapturing plot twists, capturing the essence of what it means to persevere.


3Seven Pounds (2008)

Seven Pounds (2008) will smith

In Seven Pounds, Smith becomes the tormented Ben Thomas who has had his life shattered due to one soul-gripping secret. Nevertheless, Ben hopes to redeem his past actions by helping change the lives of seven strangers. However, when falling in love with the beautiful and intelligent Emily, his mission becomes muddied, causing Ben to have to accomplish obstacles he had never imagined. Such a film is a classic example of what it means to truly overcome adversity and grow from it.


4Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day is a spine-tingling, excitement-inducing adventure film where Smith plays Captain Steve Hiller, an assured U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot with VMFA-314 who aspires to be an astronaut. When an alien spaceship seeks to invade and destroy Earth, Captain Hiller and a group of diverse individuals unite together in order to face unbelievable consequences. Despite its origins in science fiction, this film paints a very vivid picture of individuals’ commitment to save themselves and others.


5Focus (2015)

Focus (2015) Will smith

Focus tells the story of a highly successful conman named Nicky, played by Smith, who hires a beautiful and talented intern, Jess. Nevertheless, romance further complicates the relationship with Nicky and Jess, causing dyer and life-threatening consequences to occur. Though an action-packed romance, Nicky’s character suggests how far someone will go in order to obtain the things or people he loves.


6After Earth (2013)

The frightening dystopian film, After Earth, also works as a great reminder of the irrationality of fear when achieving our goals. Smith plays Cypher Raige, head of the most-prominent family in Nova Prime, the new planet that human beings populate in the future. Cypher’s relationship with his son, Kitai, is strained as Kitai feels overwhelming amounts of disillusion while wandering in his father’s shadow. In order to mend their bond, Cypher and Kitai take a trip together, but the spacecraft makes a crash landing upon the once-inhabited Earth. There, Cypher and Kitai most not only cooperate, but hold enough will to surpass the fears and phobias they acquire to reach their end goal: home.


7I Am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend is a classic example in which the character is pitted against all odds. Smith works as Robert Neville, a New York scientist and sole survivor from the extermination of mankind. Robert remains optimistically dedicated to collecting survivors and finding a cure to the plague that has warped the fellow humans of Earth into mere mutants. Robert’s hope to save the human race works as a thoughtful reminder of what an individual devoted to his beliefs and ideas looks like.


8Enemy of the State (1998)

Smith’s character, Clayton Dean, is a labor lawyer and dedicated family man that becomes swept into a scandalous murder crime, where he is framed for the assassination of a congressman killed by National Security Agency official Thomas Reynolds. Clayton, thereby, has to go above and beyond in order to prove his innocence and reclaim the life that he once acquired. With the assistance of ex-intelligence agent Edward “Brill” Lyle, Clayton faces and surpasses every challenge tirelessly.


9The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

The Legend of Bagger Vance tells the struggle of Smith’s character, Bagger Vance, to train the originally inept golfer, Rannulph Junuh, for the next golf game hosted by the prestigious Adele Invergordon. Bagger works as a continual source for both Rannulph and audience members as he shows that through hard work and persistence, you can achieve your goals.


10Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

Six Degrees of Separation (1993)

Within Six Degrees of Separation, Smith plays Paul, an enlightening and uplifting influence to the privileged art dealers, Flan and Ouisa. When a blood-soaked Paul shows up on the doorstep of the couple’s lavish home, he explains that he is a companion of their children and seeks shelter. However, when the couple discovers the truth of Paul, both order his removal from their quarters immediately. However, both Flan and Ouisa find that Paul was much more than a house guest, he was a source of inspiration and motivation as well.


Enjoy the cinematic adventures presented by Smith on the silver screen as you will find that it is not only intriguing but encouraging as well.