Two Indian sisters, Anita & Kavita, came to the rescue of the stressful lives of babies and opened a relaxing baby spa in Australia. We just want to heartily thank them for starting this amazing baby spa and providing us with the adorable pictures of babies having a good time. For those of you who don’t know, I must tell you that babies go through a pretty rough time too. I mean, they are under the constant pressure of behaving good to people making clown faces at them or pulling their cheeks. And, we as selfish adults, never understood how hard these babies’ lives were until these two angelic ladies realized it.

This baby spa provides hydrotherapy and infant massages for the full and healthy development of your babies. These magical spa opportunities are open to babies aged 2 days to 6 months. Also, when you see the pictures of babies having a bubby neck float, you understand the true meaning of having a “me” time.

So, people embrace yourselves because you are about to witness a complete heaven on Earth!

1These 2 angel sisters are behind this heavenly baby spa

2Does my cuteness make you jealous?

3Massage time

4Anita with her 4 day old, Xavier

5What’s cookin, good lookin!

6Simply Awwwww

7No pictures please, I’m busy with my massage!

8Floating is fun

9Look at this bundle of joy

10Go, have a little swim

11How about a sweet stretch?!

12There you go, have some rest

13We can bubby float all day long

14Uff, those blue eyes

15Eat. Swim. Sleep. Repeat