World’s Most Powerful Women

“Strength, thy name is WOMEN!” Women are an influential role model in the society nowadays. There was a time when women were not considered to be at par with men and the society was dominated by men. Gender inequality was an accepted thought process and it was normal for people to look down at women.

With the passage of time, Women began taking their stand and from the past many years we have seen them prosper in all fields. The corporate field has many powerful women behind them who have led big firms and companies and taken them to a different level altogether. We can see women leading political parties in various countries and we have to accept the fact that they are playing their part very well. The entertainment industry has various female faces that are making the world crazy with their talent.

Here is a list of 25 World’s most powerful women in 2015.

Since 2004 Forbes has been releasing this list every year and there are women who have made it to the list for several years in a row. The list is based on their net worth, popularity and their influential attributes all added up together. We can spot female CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, heads of state and activists.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is truly the leading lady on earth as she has been leading the list nine times in a period of 10 years. Her calibre can be judged by her spot in the list. She is truly an inspiration for the world and deserves the spot. Close behind at the second position is Hillary Clinton who has always made it to the list from its launch year in 2004, at various ranks.

With a total net worth of $3 billion, influential business women and television personality, Oprah Winfrey holds the 12th position in the list and is the most compelling billionaire of the year. Ana Patricia Botin, who is the newly appointed CEO of Santander group has made it to spot 18 in the list and is considered to be a top woman in the field of finance. Ladies from the entertainment industry are not far either. Famous singer-songwriter Beyonce Knowles is at spot 21.

Of the 25 powerful women, 7 are dominant tech women including CEOs of Yahoo, IBM, YouTube, HP etc.

On the list, there are also many miraculous ladies who are the proud mastermind behind their own enterprises.

A deeper study of the stats provides us a scenario which shows that the figures are still not satisfactory.  It is very surprising to know that only 197 are women out of a whopping total of 1826 global billionaires. But the stats are changing every year with more women coming into the limelight. With various newcomers being added to the list this year there are also others who have been ruling the list since its launch in 2004.

Have a look at the list here and be ready to get inspired from these wonderful souls. Who knows some fine day maybe even you will find a spot in this esteemed list because every famous person was once ordinary.

1Angela Merkel

Office/ Position: Chancellor of Germany.

Source here

2Hillary Clinton

Office/ Position: Presidential Candidate of The United States.

Source here

3Melinda Gates

Office/ Position: Co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States

Source here

4Janet Yellen

Office/ Position: Chairwoman, Federal Reserve Bank, United States

Source here

5Mary Barra

Office/ Position: CEO, General Motors, United States

Source here

6Christine Lagarde

Office/ Position: Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, France

Source here

7Dilma Rousseff

Office/ Position: President of Brazil

Source here

8Sheryl Sandberg

Office/ Position: COO of Facebook, United States

Source here

9Susan Wojcicki

Office/ Position: CEO of YouTube, United States

Source here

10Michelle Obama

Office/ Position: First Lady, United States

Source here

11Geun-hye Park

Office/ Position: President of South Korea

Source here

12Oprah Winfrey

Office/ Position: Media mogul, United States

Source here

13Virginia Rometty

Office/ Position: CEO, IBM, United States

Source here

14Meg Whitman

Office/ Position: CEO, HP, United States

Source here

15Indra Nooyi

Office/ Position: CEO, Pepsico, United States

Source here

16Cristina Kirchner

Office/ Position: President of Argentina

Source here

17Irene Rosenfeld

Office/ Position: CEO, Mondelez, United States

Source here

18Ana Botin

Office/ Position: Chairman, Banco Santander, Spain

Source here

19Abigail Johnson

Office/ Position: CEO, Fidelity Investments, United States

Source here

20Marillyn Hewson

Office/ Position: Chairwoman, Lockheed Martin, United States

Source here

21Beyonce Knowles

Office/ Position: Entertainer and entrepreneur, United States

Source here

22Marissa Mayer

Office/ Position: CEO, Yahoo, United States

Source here

23Helen Clark

Office/ Position: Administrator, United Nations Development Programme,  New Zeland

Source here

24Safra Catz

Office/ Position: Co-CEO, Oracle, United States

Source here

25Angela Ahrendts

Office/ Position: Senior Vice President, Apple, United States

Source here