20 Unbelievable Pictures Of The Muscle Barbie Julia Vins

‘Muscle Barbie’ (that’s what she is popularly referred to as) is a power lifter who took to this sport bodybuilder when she was merely 15 years old. It was back then that a coach at the gym noticed the powerful girl and made up his mind that she could become a weightlifter. Hailing from Russia, Julia Vins was born in Engels on May 21st, 1996. The 20-year-old muscle Barbie is full of confidence and she quoted, “I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear make-up. But at the same time, I’m strong.”

Isn’t she an inspiration for one and all? Well, her Instagram account has nearly 218K followers and her fans adore her beauty as well as physique. Julia faces both applauds and criticism for choosing something that is not feminine but she has enough faith and determination when it comes to this sport. A lover of fashion and makeup, Julia has a heart like all other girls out there but her body does not permit her to fulfill all her girly desires. She has many records attached to her name and is the true Muscle Barbie.

She has got power and is blessed with a beautiful face. Watch out for her amazing pictures.

1Charming Barbie face

2And this body

3Oh those muscles

4Healthy diet

5Impressive physique

6Standing tall

7Making and breaking records

8Wow is the word

9Truly the Muscle Barbie

10Strong as hell

11An inspiration

12Pretty and perfect

13Getting trained

14Her life, her rules

15Watch out

16Bold beauty

17Powerfully built body

18Dreams and aspirations

19All about muscles

20Pretty, strong and much more

  • Armed Citizen


    • Bobby

      She’s hot and definitely not yuck

      • Armed Citizen

        a woman with that much muscle is not much different that a man Sir.