Fashion doesn’t come only by following your celeb star and it doesn’t matter who you are a home maker or a college student, doctor or a politician – if you are looking to improve your lifestyle and to be in vogue you need to be updated with the trends going on. So start your fashion blog now!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Bachel Zoe

Start Your Fashion Blog

Being in style takes more than it looks, like experimenting with your looks, dressing style takes courage and time to adapt and digest by society. You have heard many times celebrity saying wear what makes you comfortable, hell yeah but does it grab eyes of people or are you sure you will be center of attraction if you wear your comfortable pajamas in party…..a big NO. Called by the name trend setter is a tough job and we in this blog share the ideas of being one without taking much pain and also how you can share your ideas with all through blogging. Yes you heard it right fashion blogger.


fancy name with fancy features and feel. Now a day’s people spent more time on internet rather than friends and family, anything you need you go to Google and Google never let you down. Blogging is the perfect way to share your ideas with pros and cons over internet. Not everyone can hire a fashion designer and be dependent on them therefore for people like you, me and millions we go for DIY and here comes the FASHION BLOG in the picture.
If you are popular and trend setter in your surroundings, if you are creative and want to share all what you have with society and more than that go for writing your own fashion blog. Now the most important question, in the name of heaven and hell what blog is and how to write fashion blog? Well in that case calm down take a deep breath and keep reading this. Blog is a write up where people share their ideas, experiences and experiments they keep on doing over something. With the help of videos and images they make you understand what you are looking for. Numbers of platforms are available in the market where you can make your account and write your own blog. The best and most convenient blog platform is WORDPRESS, you can simply go down there create your account and start writing.

2How it all happen?

As you wanted to popularize it and place it on internet register yourself with your own customized domain with wordpress and host it on bluehost.

This starts with visiting bluehost company website, get your domain name (name which defines you and can be popularized), after filling out the details choose favorable package.

Install wordpress chose any template among the thousands available and you are good to go.

3What you should write in blog?

Find out what makes you write your own fashion blog and put it in words which your mind can handle and seek user’s attention. Define who are you and how your journey begins with writing over wordpress blog. If your blog is not different it’s not unique and you are going to lost in all the chaos. Don’t let it happen.

Writing skills is not everyone born with but you are here for some reason and if that reason justify your personality makes you different from crowd share it with world. Blogging is not that easy and if you think writing few lines using high end words a great blogger that’s where you mistook. Read about trends follow celebs trend setters and follow bloggers analyze their style and when you think you are ready don’t let your fingers stop typing.

4What all you cover?

Along with the dress wear try to cover what kind of make-up, hairstyle and accessories goes with it. And if possible use images and tutorial videos for that. Display complete package and ask to subscribe your page and links to people. Share your personal stories so user can relate with you also, suggest some homemade tips for makeup removal, shiny hair blah….


Popularize your blog using social platforms; make friends follow bloggers, readers. Be pro active on social platforms popularize your blog links on directories.

6Say no to free blog.

You have put your creative ideas and lot of time in framing your blog. It took a lot spending your time in writing blog after coming home from work or doing house hold work, after completing college assignments and delivering lectures to students. You won’t let it go easily; this blog can not only make you someone but also help you in terms of money. Why I suggest you for own domain and hosting because this blog is your ASSET. It will be your platform; where you are going to launch new ideas every time from now. So why share it with some other’s company name on it.

Blogrope bluehost

So guys & girls, come and start your own fashion blog today itself with bluehost, because you won’t be finding any other reliable hosting available in the market. This hosting offer’s a number of great products & combination for their customers. Starting from ground level to the business owner to the startups who desires full functionality in small pocket, Bluehost provides a dynamic & complete web hosting solution.