Tattoos, for most of us, are a very intimate thing. Some people tend to take tattoos as a medium for showcasing their love for someone special or even as a medium to convey who they are as a person. Many of us prefer getting inked with love quotes or inspirational quotes or even significant symbols. However, there are also people who does not prefer going too mainstream. They like tattoos which are a bit of wacky and crazy. And thus, we bring to you a list of 32 bizarrely creative tattoo ideas to choose from.

Wake up the artist inside you and inspire yourself with these insanely creative tattoo ideas. Going away from the mainstream tattoos and trying something new can be a lot of fun.

So, the next time you decide to get a tattoo consider getting inked with one of these designs.

1Now, you won’t be able to unzip my thoughts!

2Because I always wanted him to have his own antlers

3I’m all ears to music!

4I want to separate these twins


6I don’t like borrowing, I’ve got my own pen!

7He is my 3rd eye!

8I LOVE Cheeseburgers!

9You really shouldn’t mess with me!! Popeye don’t like it.

10Now, you will never see me shirtless!


12Just the right spot. bingo!

13Camels are so tiny!

14For the love of Jagger-bombs.

15Because I’ve got a lot of free time to kill!

16For the drunk poet inside you. LOL

17Drooling over the nuts…

18He doesn’t know what he was thinking!

19The asterisk explains it all.

20Hehe Surprise!

21I buy all my groceries from here.

22Hey, don’t touch that!

23I’ve got hair for you

24Finally, the moon!


26Please don’t!

27Ah! There’s my apple

28I want those socks!

29Devil’s cigarette

30Eat it!

31Don’t make me angry!

32I don’t want shoes anymore

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