Halloween is all about scaring and trick-o-treating, isn’t it? That wave of excitement which one feels when Halloween is around the corners is simply inexplicable. A lot of ideas begin to occupy our mind and we start choosing among the scariest avatar to pull off this time. Earlier, it was all about masks, when people used to buy those creepy witch/monster masks to scare others. But nowadays, with the onset of innovation & creativity in the makeup industry, one can have endless Halloween makeup ideas.

You just need to have a makeup kit in front of you, and that’s it, you are good to go. If you are the one with wild imaginations, then let your artistic talent come into picture and transform your lovely face into a nightmarish one. Or you can always ask for some makeup artist to help you with your Halloween makeup. Ahead are some of the scariest Halloween makeup ideas that you can try this time.


1Scary Zombie

2A Perfect Sugar Skull Makeup

3Screaming Vampire with Black Tears

4I’m Looking at You, All The Time!

5Impeccable Alien Makeup

6The Infection is Spreading Pretty Fast

7Snake Skin

8A Terrifying Rockabilly Zombie

9Made of Machine

10Cracked Up Doll

11Horrifying Zombie

12Half Skull

13A Bloody Bolt

14An Angry Joker

15Ripped Mouth

16Spider Halloween Makeup

17Brutally Stitched Face

18Creepy Demon

19The Frightening Sutured Face

20Chalk-White Ice Queen

21Zipper Mouth

22Awesome Artsy Makeup

23Black & White Skeleton

24An Eerie Nun

25Sewn Lipped Zombie

26Shot in the Eye

27Bloody Monster

28Blue Cheshire Cat

29A Classy Pop Art Halloween Makeup

30Poisoned Apple From an Evil Queen

All images are taken from here.