A lil bit of contouring and a small dab of dewy makeup can transform you unbelievably well! It is that kinda witchcraft which you can perform everyday to look exceptionally celeb like. And this is why we all love makeup so much. Whether it’s a cocktail party, office gathering, college prom or just a normal working day, makeup enhances your physical appearance. Simultaneously, it makes your personality highly attractive. It accentuates your features and ascend your beauty to a higher pedestal.

Apart from making you look angel-like, it increases your confidence level to face your social fears of inferiority complex. It helps in making in your skin tone even so that you shine out there wherever you go. This article enlists 30 images which aptly demonstrates the magic of make up.

So, come on girls, let’s put on your makeup and conquer the world

1Blonde curls & lashy eyes

2Picture Perfect!

3Ooh h-lala

4For a sunny day out

5Smoking hot eyes for a dinner date

6Classy contour for a shimmery evening

7For the naughty & lip smacking Instagram pic!

8Fabulous compact coverage to die for!

9Cat eye, curls and black outfit = Heavenly!

10A chignon and a dewy dab for a regular outing!

11Look at those blushy cheeks!

12Light makeup can create wonders!

13Soooo intense!!

14Glowy and light as a feather!!

15Coral lips + tamed brows + brown eye makeup = Supple Cute Look!

16Luscious dark brown lips with mascara filled eyes!

17Oh My God!!

18So calmingly cool and charming

19One word – Gorgeous!

20Pink Perfection – Ageless

21When you wanna leave an impact on people!!


23Black eyes & soft baby pink lips!!

24Descended straight from the land of Angels!!

25Perfecting the Prom look!!

26Mesmerizing Ombre eyes!!

27The eyes and the hair – Smitten already!

28Looking like a princess, isn’t she?


30In love with her eyes!!

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