top 10 best ads

The advertisement industry brims with too many creative experts because it takes a lot of skill to come up with some of the best advertisement ideas. Here is a list of top 10 best ads which will make laugh, think, introspect and even contemplate at different aspects of life.

Here we will share some of the most diverse advertisements because the list of top 10 best ads is surely going to span more than one single genre, isn’t it? Make sure to hit the speakers on full and enjoy the glory of the best ads.

1World’s Toughest Job By American Greetings

Brand: American Greetings Card Store

American Greetings has really taken the world of advertisements one notch up with this beautiful ad. Words really fail when it comes to the beauty of this ad. Trust me; you need to see this advertisement and you will be hugging a special someone after watching it. This one managed a whopping 22 million YouTube views. Still going to miss it?

2Adventure Awaits

Brand: Lurpak cook’s range

We bet you are going to look at food and cooking range so much differently after you see this. Sit back and be amazed at how awesome creativity can get with this one of its own kind of cook range advert. Seriously, the cosmos is all about food, isn’t it? Watch it and nod me a yes! Nom, Nom, Nom!

3Under Armour, “Misty Copeland”

Brand: Under Armour

Women empowerment has always been a hot topic among the audience. With this one of its own kind of advertising campaign by Droga5, you will be inspired to achieve. If you have a thing for ballet, be sure to swing in graceful circles and applaud the powerful message behind this video. Indeed, the echo of “I will what I want” is going to resonate really loudly. One ad, you just can’t afford to miss!

4Wren’s First Kiss

Brand: Wren

When a fashion line goes a different way, the applauses are even louder. This is one advertising film which you need to see to let the feelings sink in. Surely, passion, love and kiss take an altogether new meaning here. For the love birds and even those who don’t love *love*, this is a keeper of an ad.

5Monty The Penguin

Brand: John Lewis

You really thought I wouldn’t talk of a Christmas commercial. Christmas advertisements are always overhyped, but this one makes you go Aw. Children really have a way of seeing the best in things and this ad will surely leave you mushy. Needless to add that Monty the penguin saw a spike in sales too. Get that tissue, please!

6The Game Before The Game

Brand: Beats by Dr. Dre

This was the ad of the football world cup and it definitely deserved the top spot. It made use of a star cast showing the best footballers falling on music to prepare for the game before the game. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t make more jaws drop with your ignorance. Surely, pump up the volume and let this feel of Dr. Dre sink in.  I bet it didn’t get 25 million views for nothing.

7Awkward Family Viewing

Brand: HBO Go

Now, here is a commercial which will make you laugh so loud that your insides are going to hurt. We have all faced it and it is like been there, done that situation. This is what I love about ads; the fact that they show reality the way it is. Watch this ad, but uhm, we recommend do it alone. Privacy please?


Brand: Coca-Cola

The think-tank of Coca-Cola really deserves applause for making this one. The more we talk about it, the less it is. If you are a parent, you are going to have the biggest grin on your face and you will murmur chants of love you coke! Watch this beauty right here.

9If We Made It

Brand: Newcastle

We all know how much cost advertisement entails and what do you do when you just can’t afford it? Well, you make an ad saying you can’t afford it and wham you just make it! Confused? Well, watch this epic hilarious video that ended up being the big advertisement of the super bowl even without being one. Uhm, I know, it’s confusing that’s what the video is for.

10Save The Children

Brand: Save The Children

Don’t be blind to what is happening in Israel. This is an eye-opening advertisement which will leave you stunned and shall shake your very existence. Do your bit after all creativity is more than just making someone laugh!