First of all, I hope you all had a blast this Halloween. The history might say that Halloween’s night is actually a night when witches roam but for us, it’s all about candies & costumes. Everyone starts planning their Halloween costume in advance and all of us want to look the most scary. But do you guys know who has been winning the Halloween costume game continuously? It’s none other than the gorgeous Heidi Klum. Her Halloween costumes are spooky + spectacular = spooktacular in the literal sense. She puts so much thought into planning her Halloween costumes that she wins hearts every year.

In case, you have missed Heidi Klum’s spooktacular Halloween costumes then, fret not, I have compiled a list of all her outfits. You just need to browse right till the end and get your minds blown by her amazing outfits. Also, if, you are wondering what Heidi Klum wore for this year’s Halloween, I have included her this year’s outfit as well!

A list of 15 spooktacular Halloween costumes of Heidi Klum over the years of Halloween celebrations! Take a look-

1Red Witch, 2004

2Vampire, 2005

3Forbidden Fruit, 2006

4Cat, 2007

5Goddess Kali, 2008

6Crow, 2009

7Superhero, 2010

8“Bodies” Cadavar, 2011

9Ape, 2011

10Cleopatra, 2012

1195-Year-Old Heidi, 2013

12Butterfly, 2014

13Jessica Rabbit, 2015

14Herself, 2016

15Michael Jackson “Thriller” music video character, 2017

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