top 5 features of new Hero 4 Session

Ever longed for a small size, light weight camera that could go with you anywhere? Well the latest release from Go Pro will definitely be able to fulfill all your desires! Available at a reasonable price of $399.99, the new Hero 4 Session which was recently released on 12th July amazed almost every individual with its endless number of features. While light weight and small size were some of the top features, the other features kept people wondering if it is the new-gen camera they have always longed for! So if you are also looking for reasons to switch to this amazing digital artwork then here are the top 6 features of new Hero 4 Session that will make it hard for you to resist:

1Small and lightweight

Go Pro’s Hero 4 Session is one of the smallest and the most lightweight camera ever launched. If you hate taking bulky camera to your trips then Hero 4 Session is the perfect solution to your problem.

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This new launch by Go Pro is waterproof for up to 10 meters which means for the first time in your lifetime, you can go carefree with your camera strapped by your side without worrying about its exposure to water.

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3One touch button functionality

The one button functionality not only provides the user with a very friendly interface but also saves the battery life. There are only two buttons on the camera off which the red circular button is the major one. Pressing it starts the recording session and pressing it again will stop the session. Moreover press it for more than 3 seconds to trigger the photo mode.

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4Fine capturing capability

The new Hero 4 Session has the amazing capability of capturing 1080p at 60fps which is much better when compared to its predecessors.

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5Best audio quality

This new camera by Go Pro boasts of two microphones; one in the front and the other in the rear. The smart technology used in the camera allows it to switch dynamically between the two so as to avoid the wind noises and keep it to the minimal.

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Holding your camera carefully while rafting, skiing or hiking can be quite difficult. However with the new Hero 4 Session, you can easily mount it on a frame or on your hand for ongoing recording and the best part is that it is so light weight that you won’t even have to worry about its weight on your hand!

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