While touch screen works quite well in most of the cases, there are times when you need to write an important work email or some official document that can’t be delayed. These are the times when portable keyboards come into play. Many tablets come with keyboards but even Apple does not have a dedicated keyboard for iPad which makes it important for the user to explore a bit more into the world of portable keyboards. The third party keyboards are the only convenient option left in the market when it comes to portable keyboards and they use Bluetooth to attach themselves to the tablet.

Here is a list of top 10 portable keyboards for tablet that can be a suitable choice for your tablet

1Anker Ultra Slim Mini Keyboards

Price: $25

If you love the Apple’s keyboard, then this keyboard is the perfect choice for you as it completely clones the Apple’s design. Apart from the look and feel, it also has a similar functionality to that of Apple’s keyboard.


2Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2

Price: $100

A highly recommendable keyboard for your 10 inch tablet, the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 attaches itself to the tablet using Bluetooth. It is a complete keyboard package and comes with a removable stand too!


3Logitech K810 Bluetooh Illuminated Keyboard

Price: $100

Apart from the regular features offered by almost any other portable keyboard, Logitech K810 keyboard boasts of a background illuminated light which is “not so common” feature when it comes to portable tablet keyboards.


4Logitech Tablet Keyboard

Price: $70

If you don’t plan on spending too much on your portable keyboard, then this tablet keyboard is the perfect choice for you. The Logitech Tablet keyboard boasts of the same basic functionality as that of Logitech K810 but some of the most attractive features like back light has been dropped off making the keyboard more economical.


5Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Price: $80

An extremely light weight portable keyboard with similar functionalities to Logitech Tablet Keyboard, the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard comes with a stand that folds itself into a tablet stand. This economical keyboard is a perfect choice for people who are looking for nothing more than mere typing.


6Zagg Pocket Keyboard

Price: $69.99

This portable keyboard from Zagg folds from in-between the keys to turn it into portable keyboard. It also comes with a stand so that you can easily place your tablet on it for better view.


7Text Blade

Price: $99

Text Blade is one of the best and most unique keyboards that you have ever come across! It consists of three piece that connect with each other magnetically to form a fully-fledged keyboard for your tablet.


8Perixx Periboard 805L

Price: $29.99

A complete keyboard with full sized keys, the Perixx Periboard becomes portable as it folds itself from between. A very economical and cheap keyboard for your tablet that will meet all your typing needs.


9Matias Folding Keyboard

Price: $48.35

This Matias folding keyboard is a fully-fledged keyboard as you see in laptops and desktops. It can then be folded from between to make it portable.


10LapWorks Amigo

Price: $139.95

Those who are familiar with the traditional style portable keyboards that were popular in the yesteryear will quickly identify Amigo.