Minuum keyboard on nexus 4

Recently launched the little keyboard for big fingers called minuum by Whirlscape. Minuum is a simplified keyboard that saves you screen space compared with the normal QWERTY keyboard, and opens up unlimited new ways to type with wearable devices. It’s a single-line keyboard for Android devices not launched yet for iPhone OS. – Link 

Minuum Save Your Screen Space

Minuum improves your touch screen typing because it’s a single line-keyboard, letting you type anywhere with a keyboard you can move around your touchscreen.

Minuum keyboard on nexus 4

Easy to use Numbers or Caps Alphabet

Giving you a benefit of smart auto-correction as well as allowing you fast text entry when you’re typing is sloppy, also  maintains your typing speed.

Minimum Keyboard Takes Less Space of Your Display

Features of Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Poster motion control