Easy way to pay your Bills with Square Wallet

Square Wallet is the fast, easy way to pay with your phone at local business across the country.  With square Wallet, you can pay with your name, send gifts to friends, and discover new places to shop and eat. Most of the Square Wallet users spend money in cafe, restaurants like Starbucks or macdonalds.  Now in square wallet you can send a gift card to your best friend in less than 60 seconds. Charge Transactions directly to your credit or debit card and there’s no hassle of reloading funds. You can provide immediate receipts or previous payments at any time. Go to App

Square Wallet : Easy way to pay with your iPod, iPhone and iPad

iPhone Screenshots

As we are shown in this screenshot to you that you provide all the information about your restaurant where you paying your money via iPhone include tax and also have a tab of send a gift card with auto location enable.

Easy way to pay your Bills with Square Wallet iphone screen shot