Top 20 Free Photo Apps For iPhone And iPads

Our iPhone and iPad have enabled us in various ways. Clicking the perfect scenes and memorable moments is just one of the many virtues offered by the all mighty smartphones in 2015. The camera of the most recent launch of 2015, iPhone 6, is applauded by the industry experts. Yet, we love and prefer the photo apps that help us remove all the flaws and make the pictures social media ready!

Well, though these free photo apps of 2015 for iPhone and iPad cannot replace the image editing and effects of PhotoshopCC, they are still, pretty handy and cool. Above all, all these 20 iOS apps (iPhone and iPad) are the free photo apps!

1The most loved photo apps for iPhone, VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam free iphone photo app 1


Created with simple photo editing in mind, the VSCO Cam photo app offers a range of image edit option. You can set the focus & exposure separately. The app eve allows you to make subtle adjustments such as contrast, brightness, edit temperature and adjust saturation, etc. It offers various tools without the glitch of a complex user interface. Adjust the strength or presets, curate gallery as per your choice and have fun with image composition with VSCO Cam.

Available at: VSCO Cam

2Snapseed photo app

Snapseed photo app

Though being mentioned second, it is noways less than VSCO Cam photo app for iPhone or iPad. Snapseed offers as features as ease of auto analyze and adjust the color and exposure to click almost perfect pictures. You can pick precise adjustments to any specific part of the photo to be edited as well. Apart from the standard filters, it sports frames, options to tweak the image contrast and saturation. You can even adjust the white balance, crop image, resize or rotate, etc. as any standard photo edit app.

Available at: Snapseed

3Pixlr for iPhone and iPad

Adobe Photoshop Express


While this one is my personal favorite app for editing images online, the photo app for iPhone and iPad is equally admirable. Choose from four preset dimensions to resize photos, crop, rotate, edit and stylize the pictures, or share the photos when on the standby. The best part is that you can even adjust the moods by editing the lighting, overlay effects with quick controls, just as in Photoshop.

Available at: Adobe Photoshop Express


Photo Editor by Aviary


The Aviary Photo Editor is a solid aftereffects photo app that will not cost you anything up front. It comes loaded with tons of advanced features, a user-friendly interface with free and purchasable styles, filters and content. With some appreciated face photo edit tools such as red eye removal, teeth whitening and replacing color and some more such as add text and share, it is an amazing tool for iPhone and iPad lovers.

Available at: Photo Editor by Aviary


screen568x568 (1)





Photoblend is for those who love to be artistic. Blend images and create a double exposure effect, add text, add frames, and try cool tricks. Add figures such as a tree or an owl, add a peace sign or sun and create gimmicks that love!

Available at: Photoblend

6Adobe Lightroom

The most feature-rich photo app, Adobe Lightroom for iPhone and iPad works when you connect to Adobe Lightroom 5 and Creative Cloud. The app is loaded with tons of familiar tools to edit and enhance a variety of picture types and can even automatically sync all the images with all the devices connects.

Available at: Adobe Lightroom







Lensical photo app from the house of Apptly creates amazing face effects via simple filters. Lensical easily handles large images and needs and uses single hand controls on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’s.

Available at: Lensical






PixelWakker photo app is for those who love to convert pictures into pointillist art. It breaks the image into pixel components and lets you apply four preset effects such as dots, line, pixel image or color rain to have fun with photos. The dot art has excellent results on a pixel.

Available at: PixelWakker


screen322x572 (6)





Find inspiration, share your art, enjoy photos layered with portraits, add and edit images but all within the Skitch community. Jordan Melnick, co-founder of Skitch claims that the community is increasing every day!

Available at: Skitch






Frametastic is a grand tool to organize photos, edit huge images, add effects, choose frames and share large images with ease. This photo app has some cool features such as iPad retina as well as the iPhone 5 screen support.

Available at: Frametastic




A truly creative photo app from Bitcellar, FxCamera, is immensely popular among photographers. Finally, a photo effect app that takes the bold claim a tad bit seriously.  FxCamera has a super cool feature of recording voice messages while you click the pictures, Voice Picture. Go ahead, create pictures with voice caption and share them with the world on Facebook!

Available at: FxCamera


screen322x572 (8)




Camera360 contains a massive range of photo edit and enhance functions; and is truly free with no ads or paid promotions. See the ‘before’ and ‘after’ auto-created versions of each effect as you edit the images to make them better. Instantly brighten up underexposed photos with cool Night filter.

Available at: Camera360






If you are a fan of creating a collage with multiple layouts, the PhotoWonder photo app for iPhone and iPad is the perfect photo app for you. Swiftest photo app with photo booth effects and some filters that offer quality effects.

Available at: Photwonder

14Vintage Deco

screen568x568 (12)






Give your images a retro feel with Vintage Deco, the brand new photo app designed for iPhone and iPad. Import images, add affirmative text stamps and get creative with borders, simply have some fun.

Available at: Vintage Deco

15Magic Hour Lite

Magic Hour Lite





Magic Hour Lite comes with an array of sophisticated features and gives a soft luminescent effect to all the images edited. This free photo app works best with photos that have been taken in full light and crops images to square for an easy upload to Instagram.

Available at: Magic Hour Lite

16Aillis OR LINE Camera

aillis (formerly LINE camera)





With a wide range of icons, filters, borders and stamps, edit images, add text in more than 100 fonts and in over 20 colors with LINE Camera. If you love to create images with text, this is one of the best free photo apps for iPhone.

Available at: Allis




Tadaa is remarkable at fine-tuning photos and has the adjustment feature in all the filters. Tadaa is one of the free photo apps for an iPhone that is chosen by those who love detailing with the subtle effects. Login with your social networks or use without logging in as per your preference and apply frames and borders to any pictures of any shape and size!

Available at: Tadaa

18Rakuga Cute

Rakuga-cute -楽画cute-





Rakuga Cute is one the free photo apps that contain some interesting and rare editing features. Those at first the app seems unlike to be adorable, it offers some cute options such ‘Mosaic’ for selectively pixilate blur.

Available at: Rakunga Cute

19Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome




Camera Awesome is simply as the name says is simply awesome. One of the free photo apps from SmugMug that comes with a sleek user interface, witty copywriting and sophisticated filters. The only drawback is that the free version is limited to just the demo version period!

Available at: Camera Awesome

20Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express from the house of Adobe is a truly professional app that give you a genuine user experience with a professional interface. Photoshop Express, the free photo app for iPhone and iPad is regarded as flawless and tops the charts among top free photo apps for iPhone and iPad. It is fully loaded with killer functions for photo editing and is very convenient as well.

One more mention that is honorary is Pixlr-o-matic and while the main functions of DropBox and Instagram happen to be quite different, they too offer the free photo apps to edit images. So what are you waiting for, go ahead, take your pick and click, edit and share! Say Cheese!

Available at: Photoshop Express