sports app

There is something really addicting about sports and you don’t want to miss out on fast paced action, do you? Here is a list of top 10 sports app for your android mobile so that no matter where you go, the game goes on with you!

1Watch ESPN

A must have sports app for all sports fanatics.  Just login using your cable provider and you can enjoy exclusive ESPN content and keep track of favourite games.


2CBS Sports

If you don’t like ESPN, this is the sports app to go for. It covers various different games too and guess what; you get your tablet-optimized version too.


3NFL Mobile

If the fervour for NFL runs in your blood, this is the app you cannot afford to miss out. You can catch up on all the top action and stay updated abut every goal and every score!


4Yahoo sports

When we are talking of the best sports apps, you just can’t miss this one! Yahoo brings you the best of sports from everywhere in the world.


5The Score

Whether it is NFL or NBA or soccer, this sports app lets you get the inside scoop and stories for all of it. You can catch up on the latest updates, news and a lot more and all of it with a few simple clicks! I won’t miss out on this app, would you?


6Team stream

Want to stalk your favourite players and teams? It is an easy job with this app. Configure who your favourite team and players are and then be swamped by news about them on the web and stay updated, 24 x 7! Could life get any better?


7NBA Game time

If you are a diehard NBA fan and you jump every time, your favourite team wins, this is the sports app you can’t live without. You can customize the notifications, watch the recaps and grab hold of statistics as well. Download today and get rolling!

Source At Bat

You really thought we would leave out baseball. It is the most thundering game in America and with this app; you can stay at the top of the game and follow every single detail. So, even when you are stuck at office, this sports app helps you root for your favourite team!!


9NCAA Sports

With this app, you can view live streaming of more than 65 championship events. A wonderful way to tolerate those mundane college lectures, what do you think?


10Sports Manias

This app is designed to help you get the top action related to your favourite team, players and sports. The one stop app for all your favourite needs!