Want to know about Google’s latest venture? Well the new project “Soli” by Google is an eye ball grabbing project because of its insanely amazing concept. Google has always been one among the top names who invests millions of dollars in research annually. The outcome of these investments have resulted in the inventions like Google Glass so no wonder people are expecting something unique. However the word “unique” does not do justice to the Google’s latest project “Soli” which will drive you insane once you get to know more about it!

The 5 incredible facts about Google’s project Soli that you should know are:

1Control devices without even touching it

Have you ever thought that you could control your smart watch without even touching it? Well, we might actually think of it as an absurd idea but Google has actually implemented it successfully with its new project “Soli”. Soli is now days being considered as one of the strongest projects by Google till date which will transform the way we think of technology!

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2Radar sensing technology

To make the idea of “controlling device without even touching it” true, Google has made the use of radar sensing. The radar sensing can sense the motion of your fingers with a speed of ten thousand frames per second. Google has already checked for the accuracy of this technology and you won’t believe how accurate it has proved itself!

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3Transform your hand into a virtual dialing hand

With a great idea and radar sensing technology, Google has finally been able to transform our hands into a virtual dialing hand which will not touch the device it wants to operate. It will only make the movement from a distance and the work will be performed by the smart machine. As depicted above, you can now change the time on your smart watch without even touching it!

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4Small micro chip can be fit anywhere!

The micro chip that will handle the complete task of sensing the radar and making the move, is actually so small that it can be fit almost anywhere. Be it the smart watch you are wearing or the radio you are listening to! The chip is fully functional and will only need a plug n play technique for making it work.

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5The board is yet to be decided!

While the small micro chip is too small to fit any machine, a board for this chip has not yet been decided.

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Watch this video to understand more about this new technology: