Since the days of ‘Snake’, being able to play games on our phones has revolutionized our lives. We no longer fear long journeys, waiting rooms or queues; now, instead, we can look forward to spending the time entertaining ourselves by progressing in our favorite games. And, as the app-based nature of the smart phone paves to way for complete gaming freedom, the entertainment potential of our phones is becoming limitless. But with so much choice out there it can sometimes become difficult to know which of the many game apps it is worth dedicating our time to.

Here are 5 of the best kinds of games that keep you occupied, entertained and leave ‘Snake’ as nothing more than a thing of the past.

1The Console Classic:  Grand Theft Auto

For most gamers, leaving the house means one thing:  being away from all your favorites. There’s nothing worse than figuring out how to make it to the next level or beat the next boss without being able to do anything about it. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Now many classic games are offering phone friendly versions, such as the unforgettable Grand Theft Auto series. Now you can get all of the GTA games, including the notorious San Andreas and Vice City, on both iOS and Android. Not only do the mobile versions allow you to be a part of the action wherever you go, they also have better graphics than their console counterparts meaning the classic stories become, visually, a whole new game


2The Epic Adventure:  Game of Thrones

There’s nothing like a good adventure game, and there’s no greater adventure hitting pop culture at the moment than ‘Game of Thrones’.  George Martin’s epic tale has been an international success and gripped the world over and now, Telltale’s 2015 game, has taken the smash series and put you in control. The game is split into 6 episodes and puts you in the role of  ‘House Forrester’, a family loyal to the Starks. Your aim is to survive the chaos that has fallen the seven kingdoms and make it through all the different levels whilst keeping your whole family alive. As a story telling game, through your actions and decisions, you dictate the fate of your kin and the world around you as a whole! Pretty epic stuff to keep you occupied for hours no matter where you are!


3The Addiction:  Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga:  the Facebook game that conquered the world! We’ve all heard of it, we’ve all complained about the endless notifications, but how many of us have actually played it? The truth is that this game is as fun, and addictive, as everyone makes it out to be. The classic ‘bejeweled’ style game is combined with the story of Tiffi and Mr Toffee’s adventure through candy kingdom. With hundreds of levels and many extras to unlock, this free app offers hours and hours of fun. It can be played by yourself or against friends and for those who can’t get enough, extra lives and moves can be bought to give you a much-cherished advantage when playing online.


4The Nonsense Game:  Plant VS Zombies

Sometimes we don’t want complex, thought-out stories from our games. Sometimes we don’t need a world that makes sense or a level that requires a reasonable explanation. Sometimes we just want to shoot Zombies using our army of carefully placed garden plants. Doesn’t make sense? Doesn’t matter! The multi-award winning Plants VS Zombies is a strategy game with pretty self-explanatory content. Your aim is to protect you garden from the ever-increasing Zombie attacks. You must collect sunlight in order to buy plants with different functions such as producing more sunlight, shooting the zombies, placing bombs etc. And with 50 levels in adventure mode there’s no shortage of zombie killing antics for you to get involved with.


5The Racing Game:  Riptide GP2

No collection of games is complete without the quintessential racing game. Riptide GP2 ticks all the boxes of a good old-fashioned racer, but comes with a twist! The game features a classic career mode, online multiplayer option and the chance to gain XP to upgrade your vehicle and character. However, unlike most of the racing games we come across, Riptide GP2 does all of this on water! Instead of cars you race in ‘watercrafts’ – a sort of jet ski/turbo bike crossover – and the 30 tracks take you around watery courses that allow you to unlock stunts to gain even more experience and power.  And with many different game modes to choose from and stunning HD graphics, this game gives you all you need from a classic racer whilst still keeping it fresh and new.


The freedom and versatility of portable entrainment has never been more incredible when, with a few taps, you can have all of these games and more no matter where you are. But remember, whenever purchasing anything out and about or regularly connecting to public Wi-Fi, it’s always worth using a good VPN to protect you and your personal details. Virtual Private Networks encrypt the information passing between your phone and the internet, which will keep out hackers, as well as give you many other benefits.

So, no matter what your gaming style is, now all you need to game on-the-go is your smartphone, the right security protection and a bit of inside knowledge of the best game apps out there and your gaming experience will never be the same!