Best Features Of Google’s OnHub

Internet has become the need of the hour, but with it, a new issue has stepped into our lives. A slow internet network or the network getting disconnected is a major issue with every internet user nowadays.

To ease out the tension, Google has come up with a new router in collaboration with TP-Link. Here are 5 Best features of Google’s OnHub. It is not just a router but it is ‘A new way to Wi-Fi’. Priced at $199.99, it is available for pre-order in the Google store, Amazon, Walmart, TP-Link store, Newegg and You may feel that is a bit overpriced compared to regular routers but with such features, it deserves to be priced at $200 and you will be more than satisfied with its performance.

This revolutionary device will give you an experience par excellence. It will not only work with your current network setup but will give you an amazing speed on various devices at a time. It is regulated with Google’s On companion app and you don’t have to sit for hours on your PC or laptop to configure it. It can be easily handled by the app through anywhere at your home.

It is secure, it is easy and it is perfect for all your internet needs.

Not just made for your laptops and PCs, it is designed for other smart devices as well. With 4 GB of internal space, it is well built for regular updates which make it even better. The excellent features will make you go crazy, so its time you should grab your piece and get ready to hit the internet faster and smoother with this beast.

Have a look at its astonishing attributes:

1Fast streaming with Bandwidth Prioritizing

OnHub uses the best software to provide an ultimate Wi-Fi experience by taking full advantage of your existing internet service. It helps you to designate particular devices that require more efficiency and provide them fastest Wi-Fi for the activities that are essential. The device’s revolutionary antenna design helps the router in providing Wi-Fi coverage over more areas in your home.

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2Prompt communication and an easy set up

The Google On companion app which is used for controlling all the functions of the OnHub helps you in case you have a network error. It tells you the issue and also the solution to fix it. The Google On app also acts as a guide in setting up the connection through this router thus making it easy for you to get connected to the internet.

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3Hassle free active check

The hassles caused due to weird passwords are also solved as the Google On app lets you share your password with your friends quickly. The Google On app also lets you see which devices are connected to your OnHub and how much bandwidth they are taking up. You can also control your router remotely from anywhere in the house.

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4More connectivity with regular updates

OnHub has ‘Bluetooth® Smart Ready, 802.15.4 and Weave’ and thus many smart devices can connect to it. It can support up to 128 devices. The router software keeps on updating on its own as and when a new software is released thus making the device more capable and better day after another.

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5A secured network at lightning speed

You will have a secured network by using OnHub as its software uses enhanced security features thus providing you a protected connection. Super fast speed of up to 1900 mbps is provided by OnHub. It supports 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz frequencies thus providing fast Wi-Fi for everyone. It has 13 antennas designed in an innovative circular pattern which helps in providing high speed Wi-Fi.

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