How many hours do you really spend on Facebook? Well, to be honest, the moment my eyes pop open in the morning, one of the very first things I do is surf Facebook because well, yeah, I am an FB addict.

From scrolling all those posts to stalking what my ex has been doing all the while and looking at who got cooler and who got dumber, I am guilty of all of it. So, if you too are a Facebook junkie like me (well, we all are, admit it or not), these are surely the illustrations you need to see.

Giovanna Guiliano from Trieste, Italy surely has sharpened his creative expertise as he had brought forth some of the most inspiring artwork that is sure to shine bright. His work titled ‘People on Fb’ shows us exactly the kind of response most posts tend to generate.

Ever since the launch of Facebook reactions, there are too many guys hearting girl’s pictures and maybe, girls are still a tad bit skeptical before they heart you, unless of course, the angle is duh romantic! So, sit back with your cup of coffee or your morning sleepy eyes like me and gaze through these super cute illustrations which will surely make you wish to open your Facebook account again and share them (which you must do)Hello Facebook!

1Hello, Facebook!


2The like-love debacle

3Boring much, eh?

4Nobody bothers, brother!

5Look at that SASS! Ooo!

6Because the sling is so cool

7You win some, you lose some

8Reactions, reactions everywhere


9Some more reactions, please


10The life of people on FB



11End it with a THANKS