The World’s Largest Hotel With 10000 Rooms To Stand Tall In Mecca

You must have heard of unusual buildings, hotels and other architectural wonders but the world is soon to witness the largest hotel and it will stand tall in Mecca.

The hotel will comprise of around 10000 rooms and 70 restaurants. If all goes right, the hotel will open this year and it will have a lot to offer to its visitors. Due to the fall in oil prices, the ministry of Saudi Arabia might find difficulty in finishing the project within the stipulated time period but the world is waiting for the luxurious hotel to open its gates soon.

The statistics pertaining to Abraj Kudia is sure to leave you stunned. So, here you go:

1The architecture of the hotel will consist of 12 towers. 10 towers will cater to four-star accommodations and the rest of the 2 towers will feature five-star luxuries.

2The number of storeys in the towers will range from 45 to 30.

3There will be a total of 10000 rooms for guests who can choose from the two categories of rooms mentioned above.

4A total of 70 restaurants offering luxurious dine in experience for its guests with varied cuisines.

5There will be a wing reserved in the hotel for the Saudi royal family.

6The hotel will also feature a ballroom resembling the ones you have seen in Disney movies.

7If the digitally designed pictures are to be believed then the hotel will also have four helipads.

8With a total floor area of 1400000 square meters, this project is speculated to cost around $3.5 billion.

So, people when are you planning to visit Mecca?