Ratan Tata Travelling in AirAsia Economy class

Recently we saw a picture which gone crazy viral on internet of the chairman of TATA group “Ratan Tata”
Ratan tata who served as chairman of tata sons for over two decades and is now the chairman Emeritus of tata sons, apparently ratan tata travelled in a airasia airline in economy class a few days ago. This picture posted on 22, January 2016 on the social media.

The photo has been liked by more than 12,000 people and shared by over 900.

Ratan Tata Travelling in AirAsia Economy classBut then we see another picture of ratan tata someone wrote on facebook
This is a pic taken when Air Asia inaugurated their flight route to Goa in the yr 2014, July. The first few seats were filled with Air Asia’s management ( Country CEO, GROUP CEO etc) and a few top management folks from TCS. Come on you guys; do some more research before you publish such news. P.S -> Ratan Tata is my hero and every crony in the flight got to click pictures with him and he just sat there patiently smiling at everyone. Salute.
So don’t be confused folks

Ratan Tata Travelling in AirAsia Economy classThe Nation’s Pride Shri Ratan Tata.