Best Luggage For Travel

Tired of managing several items of luggage at a time and hunting for things in your luggage? Sit back and relax! Ken McKaba, a software engineer has come up with the most innovative and extraordinary luggage of all time, the ShelfPack.

He is raising funds for this awesome product on Kickstarter with a goal of $20000 and $34194 has already been pledged.

You will fall in love with this wonder creation.

It will make your travel experience worth remembering.

With super stylish looks and sturdy features, it will leave you dumbstruck and you will definitely end up buying one. You don’t have to search a required stuff for hours into several different baggage. Here are 8 Reasons Why ShelfPack is the Best Luggage for Travel. You can now understand why it won the ‘BUZZ’ Award for The Years Best New Product.

With a dimension of 14”X18”X26” along with 42” of shelf height when fully extended and 14.5 lbs of weight, it has enough room for maximum storage. Priced at $350 this awesome invention will help you in keeping your belongings organised and readily accessible. It is a must buy product

1Integrated shelves

Ever imagined a luggage trolley or suitcase with shelves? Yes, the ShelfPack comes with 4 shelves that are inbuilt. You don’t have to take out your stuff and place them in the wardrobe of hotel rooms anymore.

2 Well built Shelf Support

To brace the shelves, there are two retractable supports on either side that hold the shelves firmly into place. The strong support provides balance to the shelves thus preventing them from collapsing. The supports are pushed down when not needed.

3Pockets on the Lid

The ShelfPack also has 3 pockets on its outer cover that lets you keep stuff which are required constantly. You don’t have to open the entire suitcase for everything you carry along with yourself. The pockets provide quick access to little things.

4Firm Shelf Base

The base of the shelves are made up of reliable material making them sturdy and you will feel as if you are using shelves of your cabinet. They are strong enough to hold all your stuff and do not let them fall.

5No Hassle

It is apt for all business travellers because they are always in a hurry to get ready for work and meeting while travelling for business purposes. They can choose and pick their belongings in a few seconds and get ready for work.

6Smooth and gliding wheels

The ShelfPack glides on 2 easy wheels that are so smooth that even a child can pull the suitcase easily without the need of applying force. The wheels are evenly levelled thus making ShelfPack readily movable.

7Easy trolley handle

The trolley handle which is held for the purpose of moving the suitcase is well built and secure. It is smooth and can be easily pushed in and drawn out as and when required.

8The family thing

The ShelfPack is perfect for families as every member of the family can keep their stuff segregated from each other. They can choose particular shelves for them and keep their things organised.

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