If you are searching for an affordable fishing spot, then you are just in the right place. There are many destinations out there but to select a place that can be both fantastic and affordable would be something valuable. Hence, we have brought a list of seven amazing fishing spots that are pocket-friendly.

Seven Spots Those Are Pocket-Friendly

1Alaska, Canada

The Wrangell mountains rise above Alaska’s Copper River

If you want to keep away from crowds and catch lots of quirky fishes thereby saving much money, then Alaska could be the right option for you. There might be other good spots that would provide you lots of action. But the interference of crowds can snatch away your private experience of fishing.

Cliffside lodges / wooden houses on Cliff View Place Looking Over The Lagoon Seward Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska USA
Cliffside lodges / wooden houses on Cliff View Place Looking Over The Lagoon Seward Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska USA

Fly to Fairbanks to enjoy a stream all by yourself in late August. And then head south of the Parks Highway to the Gulkana drainage and Copper River Valley. You would be able to hunt chums, silvers, sockeyes, rainbows, humpies and dollies.
The 300-mile river, Copper River might be not easy to wade. Hence, you would be able to spend some best time on the streams flowing into it.

2Iceland, North Atlantic Ocean

View of fjord and rain clouds in the north Iceland

Iceland is a popular place for salmon hunting and is the dream spot for almost every angler. This fly fishing dream spot is the source of plenty of rivers and numerous fishing opportunities with exceptional access in alluring surroundings. Maximum people stay in this misunderstanding that all types of fishing are very expensive in Iceland, so it’s not for all.

Closeup of brown trout fish, net, fishing rod, set by river
Closeup of brown trout fish, net, fishing rod, set by river

You would get the service of full catering as well as self-catering in the several types of rivers in Iceland. If you want to enjoy fishing within budget, self-catering would be an excellent option. It will provide you summer houses or fishing huts situated near the rivers.
Although Iceland is famous for salmon, you would be able to enjoy trout fishing too along with it splitting the time and keeping the budget down.

3Patagonia, Argentina

Beauty lake and mountains landscape in Nahuel Huapi National Park located near Bariloche Patagonia region in Argentina.

Being the place for king size trout and salmon, Patagonia is probably an excellent place for all fly anglers of the world. Wild rainbow trout of about 20 pounds and brown trout of about 30 pounds are found here. Both these fish species are too smart and tough to catch.

Taking up the challenge, most of the anglers try their best to win up the challenge putting all their efforts. Starting from Ted Turner, the media mogul, singer Rod Stewart to actors Christopher Lambert and Sylvester Stallone everybody has made their way to this land. However, you would be able to troll, fly fish and spin in the icy cold waters of Patagonia.

4Seychelles, East Africa

Attractive Beach View with Green Trees on the Seaside on a Sunny Day at Port Launay, Seychelles

Seychelles could a good place if you have the dream to experience a fantastic budget friendly fishing day. Maximum anglers, as well as visitors of all over the world, wait just for the day to visit this place. There are several services in Seychelles that would make everything possible for you. Whether you are alone or came with a group of six persons, you would get pickup and drop off facilities to and from the Port Launay Beach. In the case of the budget, it would cost only 440 euro per trip for maximum four individuals for the fishing half day and 660 euro per trip for the fishing full day.

5Kola, Russia

Fishing on the mountain river. Fisherman on the shore. Summer Activities. Fishing

Kola is a well-known place where Americans used to come for fishing salmon. It will be a great option if you want to have an astounding experience of fly fishing. Kola could be probably claimed as the Mecca for all fans of fly fishing. The village, Umba could be a good place to catch great amounts of salmon. You would be able to communicate with the chief of Umba Fishing Inspection to gather more information about salmon fishing. You would be able to fish in the streams of Pana, Kitsa, Jugin, Chavanga, Varzuga and many others rivers or streams of Kola Peninsula.

6Rynda, Russia

Flyfisherman fishing in mountain river

Rynda would be a good place for trout fishing. The river is 40 km approximately from Tumanyj. The route map would be probably starting from Klaipeda, Kaliningrad to Murmansk, Tumanyj and ultimately Rynda. However, before deciding to visit this place, you would have to be clear about Russian fishing licenses. You would require licenses for not only catching salmon but also for fishing perch, pike, char, trout or grayling. A proper survey of these facts will be necessary to find out the places where fishing is allowed and where prohibited.
Once you gather this information, you could be able to prepare for your trip.

7French Polynesia, France

An image of a boat with the island of Bora Bora in the background

French Polynesia would serve as a great place that is fulfilled with vast options of accommodation within the budget and also enjoy an excellent time in fishing. There is nothing obtrusive or glam in this location. It just has simple operations that perfectly mix up in the tropical surroundings.

Exotic fisherman with wooden boat
Exotic fisherman with woodenpaddle boat, tahiti

There are many places to visit in French Polynesia such as Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahaa, Huahine, Fakarava and Rangiroa. You would be able to enjoy bone fishing, fly fishing along with other recreational things within the cheapest cost right in this place.

Tips for Fishing on Budget

Safety First
Be sure not to economies on the safety measures while planning for a budget friendly trip. You would require good wading boots or outdoor shoes along with a first aid kit. Wearing a light device would be necessary while fishing near deep waters.
Maintain the Equipment
While purchasing the fishing equipment from a store, ask for fishing professional to let you know about the general maintenance. Equipment parts would need replacement and rods might even break after some years. Hence, you would have to keep all these things in mind.
Gain Knowledge about Local fish
Determining the exact place of fishing would be substantial before purchasing equipment. You would have to obtain knowledge after that regarding the available fish of that area. A local store or locals of this field could be a good informant of it.
Pack a Lunch
Fishing would take an entire day of yours. Therefore, in spite of having meals out, it would be better to bring foods from home. However, bring such foods or snacks that won’t get spoiled. Along with it, carrying sufficient water with you is also necessary, and it would also save your money from purchasing water bottles from nearby stores.


We think that the above list of amazing budget friendly fishing spots and the other related information would now help you a lot in deciding the best option for fishing. However, if you have any other suggestion or advice regarding it, just let us know in the comment section. We will be glad to know it from you.

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