It’s just normal to bring a bottle of water or refreshment out on a trip or just on an errand. But, sometimes, it becomes too hassle and uncomfortable seeing that bulk in your bag and it’s taking too much space! Well, the Memobottle will save your day. Problem solved!

Ever heard of Memobottle? This slim and flat shape bottle is an innovative idea which started in Melbourne, Australia and San Diego, California. The co-founders of the Memobottle Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt pushed through the success of this product who were inspired by two different issues.


These geniuses came up with the idea of Memobottle with great consideration of the environment regarding the negative issues of the bottle consumption across the globe. They are, as well, considerate with what inconvenience and frustrations people have been experiencing to fit their water bottles in their carry or laptop bags.

Truly, Memobottle is very useful and environment-friendly. Let’s jot down the reasons why this product is one of the creative innovations of today.


The main reason why Memobottle was created is to blend in with the environment. These bottles are absolutely reusable with a positive impact in the environment; it truly is eco-friendly. As a reusable bottle, it’s 80% more environmentally friendly than any other products.



This could be the first time you’ve seen a unique design as this. Memobottle is only 3cm wide and 30mm thick and that won’t consume too much space in your bag. With its slim and flat design, an absolute unique feature, no more hassle carrying a water bottle in your carry bag or laptop bags. Just slide it inside your bag! How cool is that?

Memobottle has now been produced in three different sizes – Letter, A4, and A5. However, many prefer A5 size and is sold for $25 each.



Memobottle is made from BPA-free plastic, not only it results to an eco-friendly substance, it is also durable which is safe for dishwashers and freezers. Being created with BPA-free plastic, no need to worry about BPA (bisphenol A) or any other toxins leaching the drinking water. Memobottle is a perfect container to make your drinking water safe.


You might think it would be inconvenient to hold it while drinking but it’s definitely the opposite. You can hold your Memobottle just like your typical water bottle. It can also stand upright by its own.


Memobottle surely showcases an eco-friendly feature. The bottle itself is very environment-friendly as well as the recycled packaging. It comes with different colors of caps.



Well of course, this Memobottle trends in with the modern style and perfectly blends in with the chic minimal style. Kickstarter also featured leather and wool sleeves for the Memobottle which makes it more stylish.

Memobottle is safe, durable, stylish and environment-friendly and all these features, no question, conclude a very creative innovation.

All photos were sourced from here.