In every stop and destination, as a traveler or maybe someone who’s just taking a vacation break, you’d always opt for the best place to stay – hotels. The luxurious atmosphere of the breathtaking views, fine linen and silk bed sheets, commendable accommodation and service, well, that would be one extravagant stay. Then off you go. That’s it.

With a little bit of twist and adventure, I bet you’d agree you have to experience something out of the box, something peculiar, something unique. Your one stay in a hotel could make out of the best of your unforgettable travel. Then you better keep on scrolling! Go ahead and see the most unique hotels you might haven’t seen yet and might be the most peculiar places you never thought could be possible.

Creativity and design are just so impalpable that when it gets innovative, it constructs something so exceptional, so unique and unusual somehow. And these hotels are a masterpiece!

Wanna see these incredible and unique hotels? Better check them out and you would never want to leave the hotel ever again!

1V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany


Speaking of unique, this hotel will definitely give you a unique ambience with its creative automative theme and design.


2The Glass Floor Udang House In Bali, Indonesia

This another unique hotel in Bali, Indonesia will give you a warm and cozy feeling especially for those couples who want to spend their honeymoon. The glass floor is just so awesome but pretty scary at the same time.


3The Manta Resort, Pemba Island


Isn’t this so breathtaking? No more typical landscape or mountain top views. This hotel on Pemba Island gives you the glimpse of the paradise underwater.


4Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland


As you lie down, you’ll get to see what lies beneath the beautiful sky. The spherical shape and the igloo-like structures, let you see the exquisite beauty of the universe. Wow.


5Fairy Chimney Hotel In Turkey


Fairy Chimney Hotel is one of the most authentic cave-hotels in Turkey. It’s definitely not your ordinary hotel stay. Would you like to check in?


6Ice Hotel In Jukkasjarvi In Sweden


This Ice Hotel in Sweden is the biggest igloo hotel in the world. Every furniture is absolutely made of ice and you’d see how much hard work and effort have been put into. Well, every year, workers need to rebuild the hotel because it melts every spring!


7The Half Graffiti Hotel In Marseilles, France


Isn’t it just so creative? Don’t you think? That’s a hell of a hard work.


8Amsterdam Zaandam Inntel Hotel In The Netherlands

This concept seems like a huge stack of rooms!


9The Salt Palace Hotel in Bolivia


Yes, you read it right. SALT Palace. Everything in this hotel is made out of salt – chairs, tables, the beds, the walls and even the hotel’s bar. What a unique concept! But don’t you dare feed your curiosity if it is REALLY made of salt because a sign in the hotel says, “Please don’t lick the walls.”


10Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore


Wanderlust Hotel! As it name says, it definitely is for travelers. This one room feels like it brings you into another dimension!


11Harry Potter Hotel in London


Yes of course! Harry Potter Hotel! Who could ever think this is not possible? If you’re a huge fan of Harry Potter, may you be a Muggle, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, you better visit this hotel as it brings you back to the corridors of Hogwarts!


12Attrap’Rêves Hotel In France

Ever thought how it feels like to live inside a bubble? One of the most unique hotels in France will make you experience that bubbly bubble life.


13Kolarbyn Ecolodge in Sweden

This inn in Sweden will definitely give you a very convenient camping. Hotel staying and camping in one.


14Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya


It is rare to see Giraffes, well, this hotel in Kenya accompanies you with their lovely pets, Giraffes. They’ll even let you feed them. Awwww!


15Conrad Maldives on Rangali Island


Okay, this one’s truly breathtaking. There’s nothing much to say. This hotel on Rangali Island will leave you mesmerized.


16Montana Magica Lodge in Chile


This extraordinary hotel, Montana Magica Lodge, lies in the deep corners of Huilo Huilo, Chile. This huge treelike hotel will surely leave you in awe with its beautiful interiors and scenic views.


17The Batcave Hotel in Taiwan


Ever wondered what a REAL Batcave feels like? Live a one-day life as Batman in this Batcave Hotel in Taiwan. Just make sure not to compromise your identity as a superhero.


18Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho, USA


Well, with its dog-shaped structure, it’s obviously for dog lovers. This very unique place in Idaho gives you a warm and cozy experience for you and for your adorable pets!


19Tinyeleti Treehouse in Lion Sands, South Africa

Beautiful and breathtaking aren’t enough to define this incredible beauty from South Africa. This would be a perfect place for you and your dear one.


20Tubohotel in Mexico


Who could’ve thought sewer tubes would be a great concept for a hotel? Oh yeah, Mexico.


21Arte Luise Kunsthotel In Berlin, Germany

306-02-44 belle-8c

Designed by talented artists, every room defines an absolute piece of art. Truly a masterpiece!


22James Bond 007 Suite Hotel in Paris


Paris drives you into the portal to your favorite James Bond movie. Don’t you just love the modern interiors?


23Plane Hotel in Costa Rica


This could be the best and most convenient flight you could ever have.


Which of these hotels you’d like to spend your unforgettable stay? Share us your thoughts!