New York isn’t just called the most happening city of USA for no reason. NYC is an international heart-throb because it is the proud owner of some of the most hip pubs, groovy discotheques, famous landmarks, and the best street food. The lip smacking street food of NYC is regarded as, in fact, its very USP. From appetizing hot dogs to tempting bagels, NYC is the best place to relish the amazing street food of your life. More than the restaurants and delis, NYC prefer enjoying street food at the local food trucks. It is even said that the New York tour is incomplete if one hasn’t really tasted the street food there.

Also, the concept of food trucks is very popular in NYC. These food trucks  serve an amazing variety of all kinds of dishes and that too, at relatively cheaper rates. You can even witness award-winning chefs owning food trucks instead of opening big restaurants.

Get ready to drool because I am about to introduce 20 best street food of NYC along with their food trucks!

1Grilled Cheese Delicacies at Morris Grilled Cheese

2Lobster Rolls at Red Hook Lobster Pound

3Falafel & Shwarma at King of Falafel & Shawarma

4Unique Flavored Ice creams at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

5Zesty Korean Dishes at Korilla BBQ

6Syrup-themed Foods at Snowday

7Delectable Falafels at Taïm Falafel & Smoothie

8Stuffed Pita Sandwiches at Uncle Gussy’s

9Icredible Chicken & Rice Platter at The Halal Guys

10Burritos & Quesadillas at Domo Taco

11Hungarian Pizza at Langos Truck

12Combo of Cake & Ice Cream at Melt Bakery

13Cheesy Steaks at Phil’s Steaks

14Sweet & Savory waffles at Wafles & Dinges

15Delicious Empanadas at Nuchas

16Chorizo Tacos at El Rey del Taco

17Vegan Sandwiches & Donuts at The Cinnamon Snail

18Fresh Tacos at Calexico

19Papusas & Tamales at Solber Pupusas

20Biryani & Kathi Rolls at Biryani Cart

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