Aren’t there 2 kinds of people in the world?

Well, some of you would say yes and some would disagree, right? Voila! I got you divided into 2 kinds. Jokes apart, we come across many people and they have different habits. All of us do things differently and our likings and disliking differ from each other. It is usually said that you have two options for almost everything; either yes or no. So, where do you belong? Are you the organized one or the disorganized one? Basically, there are 2 kinds of people in this world and I have listed below 15 mind-blowing illustrations that are enough proof of this fact.

Categorizing people into 2 kinds isn’t a tough thing to do. Oh yes! It may be tough for some people. Come, let’s watch out for these cool illustrations and see what differentiates us into 2 kinds.

It will be interesting to see in which category you belong. Well again there are people who will enjoy doing this and then there will be people who will find this boring. So, instead of just categorizing yourself right here, give it a try and go through these fantastic illustrations.

1Love games vs HATE it totally

2Hard copy vs eBook

3Silence, socialize and what not

4Present it vs just wrap it

5Scan it all vs don’t you dare touch it


6Gardening vs oh just let it grow

7Sudoku lovers vs can’t stand it anymore

8Swallowing easily vs it will get stuck in my throat

9Doing it systematically vs just pull it out

10Having food vs having tasty food

11Silent vs general

12This way, that way; the right way?

13Fan vs crazy fan

1412-hour clock or 24-hour?

15Organized notebook? Not me