Everyone is highly stoked since new year is around the corner and it’s all about party. I hope all of you had a great 2017 and are looking forward to have an awesome kick-start to the upcoming year – 2018. I am sure you all must be searching for a perfect new year party destination. Because nobody wishes to spend their New Year at home, being a lazy ass. So, to assist you in that, I have a curated a list of 15 best new year party destinations from around the world.

New year celebrations everywhere include merry-making and prayers/wishes for a great year ahead. But, each and every place have their own unique style of celebrating New Year. Some places include live music shows, parades while others put on the display of fireworks. Hence, to know which ritual takes place where and what according to you would be your ideal New Year party destination, keep reading.

These 15 places will give you serious New Year party destination goals!

1Gorgeous celebrations at Iconic Sydney harbor bridge

2Famous New Year’s Eve Celebrations at Central World Square, Bangkok

3Parties at NYC’s Times Square

4Kaleidoscopic light shows at the Mississippi River, New Orleans

5A three-hour extravaganza at Westminster Bridge, London

6Stunning live shows at Yarra park, Melbourne

7Romantic light shows & fireworks at Eiffel Tower, Paris

8Three-day festivities at Valparaiso, Chile

9Open air music concerts at Hawaii

10Hoganay hoopla at Edinburgh, Scotland

11Midnight revelry at Barcelona, Spain

12Magnificent display at Prater Park, Vienna

13Brilliant celebrations at Burj Al Arab luxury hotel,Dubai

14Amazing fireworks at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

15Pyrotechnic displays and laser shows at Las Vegas, Nevada

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