New York City is the biggest city in the United States of America and is known for its skyscrapers, the beautiful and flashing bright lights within the city as the sun goes down. Definitely the biggest city, hence, the most populous one. No wonder everyone dreams to set their foot in it!

Well, the Big Apple, New York, is not just the city of glam and fame but also the city of billionaires. Stepping into New York is like taking a dip into a huge field of Benjamins! Yes, it’s one of the homes of the richest business tycoons and big bosses.

Listed down are the 10 wealthiest people in New York as of December 2015.

Who knows, you might bumped into them someday! Perhaps, get that opportunity to ask them how to be as rich as them or maybe get you a position in their business! Haha!

Let’s meet them!


10Stephen Schwarzman


Stephen Schwarzman ranks 10th on our list. This billionaire from New York graduated at Yale University and earned his Masters Degree in Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He was the managing director of the Lehman Brothers and was also the head of Global Acquisitions and Mergers. He left the firm in the mid 80s and co-found a firm about acquisitions and mergers, the Blackstone Group and later on became the sole owner and CEO of the company.


9John Paulson


Next on our list, is another business tycoon and financier, John Paulson. He came from a wealthy family, the son of Alfredo Paulson who was the Chief Financial Officer of a public relations firm, Ruder Finn. He then starter his finance career at the Boston Consulting Group but later on, established his own hedge fund firm called Paulson & Co.


8Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila


Alejandro must be the youngest billionaire in the entire New York City. Just WOW. The 38-year-old Columbian-American graduated in an exclusive school in Connecticut, The Hotchkiss School and graduated at Harvard University with a degree in History. Alejandro took over the management of Grupo Empresarial Bavaria S.A under SABMiller as the Chairman of the Board since the death of his father. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Latin American arm of a brewing company, the Managing Director at Quadrant Capital Advisors and the member of the Board of Trustees for Metropolitan Museum Art. No wonder he’s that rich!

7Constantine N. Alexander-Goulandris


First and foremost, you might be wondering why no image of Constantine is publicly featured in this list. Well, Constantine remains a very low profile and opts to keep his life in private and probably want to keep his riches his own business. So to make up for that, a photo of his beautiful and expensive penthouse is featured. This penthouse is actually the World’s Most Expensive Penthouse (located in Monaco) which costs $308 Million! The Greek billionaire is the chairman of the board and majority shareholder of Victory Carriers and Petromaritime, a petroleum and energy shipping company. He has his houses in Greece, Switzerland, Paris, London, Antibes, New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Monaco. He probably is keeping all his riches by himself as he is reported to be single.


6Ronald Perelman


On the 6th rank is the businessman and investor, Ronald Perelman. He is the owner of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc. He also shares expands his business in various fields related to cars, cigars, makeup, licorice, television, camping supplies, banks, comic book publishing and a lot more. He sure knows how to enrich his investments!


5James Simons


The Businessman and Mathematician, James Simons is the CEO and founder of Renaissance Technologies, the manager of a hedge fund company, a board member of MIT corporation, and a trustee in the following – Brookhaven National Laboratory, The Institute  for Advanced Study at Rockefeller University and Mathematical Research Institute in Berkeley.


4Carl Icahn


Billions are getting higher and higher and Carl Icahn’s net worth is over $20 billion! Carl Icahn is one of the most successful activist investors in the world. He started as a broker in Wall Street and eventually founded Icahn & Co. in 1968.


3Geroge Soros


We’re down on the 3rd rank, two more to go! George Soros takes the 3rd position as the New York’s wealthiest person. This Hungarian-American businessman, a philanthropist, Speculator, Investor, Entrepreneur, Analyst, Financier, Trader and a Business magnate. George Soros is the Chairman of the Open Society Institute and Soros Fund Management.


2Michael Bloomberg


Taking the 2nd spot, is the former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The American politician and entrepreneur is the founder and co-owner of Bloomberg LP, a media company about financial news and information services. In 2013, he was ranked 13th richest person in the world according to Forbes.


1David Koch


On the first spot, is the richest person in New York City, a businessman and philanthropist, David Koch. Koch is the co-owner of Koch Industries as an Executive President alongside his brother Charles Koch. Known to be a philanthropist, he did prove so when he contributed some of his riches in various charities such as Lincoln Center, Sloan Kettering, American Museum of Natural History and many more. According to Condé Nast Portfolio, David Koch was described as “one of the most generous but low-key philanthropists in America.”