Magic Realism Paintings That Make You Wonder. Each artist has his individual style and touch. The individual touch makes the artist stand distinct in the eyes of admirers. Canadian painter Rob Gonsalves has a style that has been named as Magic Realism. It is called Magic Realism because the painter makes you wonder. There is a charismatic illusion in these paintings. Each painting will compel you to look close and look twice.

1Making Waves

This is one of the oldest paintings of Rob Gonsalves. A certain moment of an unusual mood of the artist made him release it. Compare this painting to his other magical illusions. You can see how much has the artist evolved.

2Water Dancing (2012)

As you scroll the image from top to bottom, you see the waterfall that converts into dancing girls. Then  to find where did these girls come into the picture from, you must scroll up again. The illusion begins quite early with the dancing water. This painting was made in 2012.

3The Sun Sets Sail

Sun sets in Sail was painted in 2014. Rob Gonsalves’ art is categorized as surrealistic. However, it is not exactly surrealistic. He deliberately plans to create illusion in his paintings. They have not resulted in the illusion by the artwork of nature. They are a result of his conscious thoughts. The ideas are chiefly inspired from nature. They are carefully merged with recognizable human acts.  The illusion is carefully incorporated to amalgamate the nature and human acts.

4Aspiring Acrobats

As Rob Gonsalves infuses a sense of magic in his realistic scenes, a combination of realism with magic emerges on canvas. The term “Magic Realism” aptly describes his art. As in this painting from 2009, the painter has taken a real thought of the kids playing in a garden and merged it with the rope walk above the town.

5Beyond The Reef

This art of 2014 makes you wonder where does the shy end and where did the sea begin at first. Then it makes you wonder, did the sea rise to merge with the sky. Rob Gonsalves successfully plays with the human beings’ desire to believe in the possibility of the impossible.

6Big Air

Is that a concrete block garden wall or a bridge over the river? Or is it both? Where did the road in black end? Is that child crossing the garden wall or is he in the air above the river? It is an honest piece of art that stops your breath when you look at the illusion art carefully. Big air is a work from the 2009 collection.

7Eclipse Flower

Another charismatic illusion art from collection of 2014. Take a close look at the first bush and try to understand if it is the sun or the sunflower?

8The Arboreal Office

Another masterpiece of 2014 collection that has been aptly named as ‘Arboreal Office’. Isn’t that true? The concrete jungles of tall buildings have been built on the trees? Or should I say the buildings look so tall as we have erected them on the serenity of the greens?

9When The Lights Were Out

10When the Lights were Out 2013

All the work of Rob Gonsalves is a limited collection work. This illusion art is from a collection of 2013. Where is the reflection, in the sky or in the river?

11The Phenomenon of Floating

Is the sky floating in space? Is the girl on land by water or is she floating in the water looking at the bright sky in the dark greens?

Well, it is only an artist who can tell you what was his mood when he crafted that illusion and the illusion art. All I can tell you is, Rob Gonsalves’ art is not just inquisitive but phenomenal as well. More wonders of the artist can be found at his Facebook page. All these images are from his Facebook page as well.