Apple, Which is the world’s largest IT company in terms of Complete company revenue. Here are the brief of 60 minutes of interview of Mr. Tim Cook and the most famous question regarding iOS products, which considerable factors for growth of this company. If you want to work in an dispensation of king size, becoming smooth in project management is one of the most remarkable skills you can get, This bundle of one hour class of apple working culture, offers a pellucid path to getting various certification.

“focus your mind on yourself and your work and bettering your life and the world”

One that involves steadily building great habits over time. There are some handy topics:

1Is that whether should users have to choose between privacy and national security?

The answer given was simple. The founders of Apple are Americans so they want everything that is to say a little bit of everything But then too there shouldn’t be a backdoor for anybody in the consumer devices. This is a stand taken by many in the past occasions as well. IOS devices nowadays have so much personal data like, health data, contact data, almost practically all the life of the user is on them. So it needs to be kept private such information so much so that even Apple doesn’t have access to this information.

2If there is a way to get in somebody will it?

And a backdoor is for everyone for the good guys as well as bad guys. Moving on, there comes the question of Chinese labor being used in making of apple devices. It’s not because of the question of wages. It’s because of the skills that Chinese workers possess and which American workers lack.

This is due to the fact that China puts a lot of focus on manufacturing, whereas Us over time has stopped putting so much focus on manufacturing. as is correctly expressed,, ” nothing worth having comes easily.”

3Another issue that has surrounded Apple for years is the conditions in which workers operate in China?

Apple has the full responsibility for the workers operating in China on its behalf and it does not shun from that. In the response to the above question Apple’s CEO says that they constantly audit their supply chain. And the safety standards they follow are the highest.

Another perplexing question is that Apple has moved away from the drive of creating perfect products that it had under its late CEO Steve Jobs. But it is still very much Steve’s company as it was born that way and will remain that way.

4What it takes to get a job at this mobile manufacturing giant?

It takes a lot more than just skill to work at Apple. Rather, workers here have to have an uncanny drive to bring a change to the world and have to be big dreamers and idealists who would be able to visualize the future.

“There is no substitute for hard work” here at Apple and people here do not take ‘No’, for an answer.”

5How do Apple looks to people like that?

The CEO answer’s that company does not test.  Do not put anyone through interviews and all. We look for candidates from different point of view and we have a very diverse population. We look for people that are wicked smart who likes to have their point of view and can debate for hours on their view point. I Phone’s camera technology stimulates every possible lighting situation in its labs to ensure that the IPhone is capable of handling anything a user throws at it.

“A weekly, mandatory executive meeting held at Apple’s headquarters every Monday. Attendance is mandatory.”

Breaking Apple’s codeThen showed the 10 different variants that Apple considered for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus were shown and explained that the reason Apple chose the design it did was because of an “emotional” connection the team fell to the design. Then an unmarked building off of its main campus of Apple was shown. The building turned out to be a mock up Apple Retail Store. Chief Angela Ahrendts said that

“she holds meetings in that mock up store every week to discuss potential changes to retail design and more”

A full transcript of interviews with Phil Schiller, Angela Ahrendts, Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Graham Townsend, and Eddy Cue can be read here.