While we all acquire deficits in our self-confidence from time to time, self-consciousness can still be both an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. Such an acute sense of self-awareness often can be mentally and emotionally damaging for both ourselves and others. Due to self-consciousness, many are then thrown into a continual battle of shame and embarrassment over their self-image.

Whether it be due to a past negative relationship or a move to a new town, low self-esteem can impede upon your school, work, social relationships, and more. Therefore, low self-esteem must be properly tackled in order to prevent such dyer consequences from occurring, allowing you to live the healthy and happy life you need.

Nevertheless, reclaiming your self-esteem can be an uneasy process without the proper guidance. With enough time, dedication, and energy allocated towards the steps listed in this article, the recovery of your self-confidence is very much possible.

Read the steps below in order to beat your battle with self-consciousness and win back your self-confidence:

8Realize your abilities.

You must come to understand that while you may have some weaknesses, you have a great deal of strengths. Don’t allow yourself to focus solely on your flaws as to do so only creates and maintains a negative mindset.

In order to give yourself a daily confidence boost, create a list of all your positive attributes. Keep this list with you always in order to work as a friendly reminder of what you are capable of, even in your lowest moments. This list will ensure that your current self-image is based in reality.


7Change your perspective.

Rather than think of certain unlikable personality traits as “flaws,” think of these characteristics as goals. Flaws are not concrete features and can be changed over time. Recognize that you have the ability to transform yourself into a better and brighter person, and allow your “flaws” to be your motivation.


6Hold relationships with positive people.

A large factor that contributes to how we view ourselves is how others act or treat us. If you continually surround yourself with individuals who are negative and pessimistic, your view of the world and yourself become sharply limited.

However, holding relationships with individuals who will not only uplift your day, but support you as well can work as a great self-confidence booster. Positive friends and family work as the support system for any happy and healthy lifestyle.


5Sharpen your skills.

While you may acquire a diverse set of skills, this is simply not enough! Whatever your talent, whether it be painting or running, must be practiced constantly in order to maintain and exceed your level.

As you become more and more advanced in your given skill, your self-confidence will slowly rise. Through this period of inward focusing, your mind will hopefully understand that the expertise you have to offer to this world holds value.


4Practice self-care.

Though this may seem trivial, self-care is incredibly important to your self-confidence. Without a healthy diet, an adequate amount of sleep, and proper hygiene, many individuals find their self-esteem lowers tremendously. Taking care of yourself reinstates the idea that you hold value and deserve correct treatment from yourself and others.


3Recognize negativity.

Analyze the way in which your mind works and comprehend in what situations you respond negatively towards yourself. Once these certain situations have been identified, become more mindful and recognize when negative thoughts about your self-image begin to occur. Through proper recognition, you can slowly begin to prohibit these thoughts from occurring.


2Focus on solutions.

While it is quite natural for many of us to focus and become overwhelmed with the problems we face, this is simply not a productive way of thinking. You must accept that the given problem exists, and then work to overcome it through creative and critical thinking.

Becoming a problem-solver will prevent negativity from flourishing in your mind as well as make you a more open and thoughtful individual. With every issue you face, don’t be afraid to ask the question, “So, what’s the solution?”


1Do good.

While this may seem cliché, giving back to the community, such as volunteering for your local soup kitchen or constructing a new town garden, greatly assists in increasing your self-worth. Through the good that your provide for others, you will eventually begin to understand the good that resides in you.


Hopefully through the tips that are provided above, you will become proud of the wonderful individual that you are!