If ever time machines were real, did you ever think of going back and wander around the days of your childhood? That would be fun, I guess. Getting back in the old days is pretty nostalgic and incredibly wonderful; seeing how drastic (or how mundane) the difference in your life has been. Too bad time machines aren’t real and you can never go back (or maybe you wouldn’t want to anyway). Well, that’s too much of a drama.

Probably, if you’re just too artistic and creative like the illustrator from Colombia, Fulvio Obregon, you might do same thing as he did with these legendary icons. He created this series called “Me and My Other Me” showing an amazing visualization of these popular icons with their younger versions, side by side – effectively conveying the huge difference between their present life to the time where they were still in the verge of working their names to fame and success.

Each celebrity occupies the same place in the past with their present self, and each character has some detail of what has happened along their respective career, life or profession

Everyone who has seen these photos must have understood what message Fulvio Obregon wanted to deliver, just like the translated description quoted above. The concept of this masterpiece is undeniably beautiful and you should see it for yourself.

1Robert De Niro

2Paul McCartney

3Al Pacino

4Bill Gates

5Mick Jagger

6Steve Jobs

7Michael Jackson


All the information and photos were sourced from here.