As technology grows, creative minds tend to come up with something people haven’t seen before. Ordinary and classic inventions have been enhanced and obviously, we could agree that these creative geniuses do excel in their respective fields. Makes life easier, don’t you think?

Out of those incredibly amazing inventions are the so-called BULBING LAMPS by Studio Cheha. These Bulbing Lamps are actually flat LED lamps which at the first look, you might think it’s 3D but actually, it is not. They are not your typical LED lamps. It is an illusion of three dimensions – a 3D effect.

Bulbing LED Lamps are truly innovative and probably you’d agree, out of this world. Sounds overstated but here are the 6 reasons why. Keep on reading!


BULBING LED Lamps do differ from the usual lamp designs. Every piece is handcrafted combined with some machine work. As you see, a furnished wood serves as its base. This wooden base is cut by a CNC machine, finished by hand, sanded and applied with varnish for its beautiful finish. No wonder these lamps came out with stylish and elegant designs.

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Since they are LED Lamps, they are energy efficient and lasts until 50,000 hours or even more! BULBING LED Lamps give off a warm glow and even if you let it on for hours, it won’t get hot.


This is the tricky part. As mentioned before, these LED Lamps are made to feature 3D illusion. With one flip on one side, you’d see that they are actually flat.


Of course, Studio Cheha will let you choose among their featured designs – Teddy Bear, Balloons, Tunnel, Spiral, Bulbing, Skull, Galaxy and Starry Night. Whenever you feel like changing the designs of your lamp, well you could do so! Just lift it from its wooden base and replace it with the one you want.

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These lamps are made from an acrylic glass sheet, one of the best materials for transmitting brighter and better lighting! Its wood base, then, is made from a high quality plywood, birch. So, have you seen something as original as this? I guess not.


Last but not the least, it gives off a warm light. As mentioned before, it emits a warm glow and its light surely calms your night and lulls you good night.

Want to see how these BULBING LED LAMPS work? Check the video below!

For more information about this product and the prices, you can visit Studio Cheha’s official site here.

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