Most of the beach you see people making a sand sculpture house writing their own names in beach of sand.
To make an amazing sand art you need at least 4 to 8 hours you also have a 2 or 3 tools of making a small sand building, Most of the sand sculptures houses, buildings or bungalows are put into the museum for an exhibition.
An exhibition of sculptures made of sand carried out in various places around the world. Here we have the best sand sculptures in the world pictures which given a beautiful finishing  touch of typography, history, nature, humans or wildlife have a look below hope you like it.

Sand Writing Sculpture

(Image Source : Grain Damaged)

What Lies Beneath

(Image Source : Grain Damaged)

Valves & Pipes

(Image Source : BelialMadHatter)

Tribal Sculpture

(Image Source : Apolinário Pancinha)

The Wolf and Little Red-Cap

(Image Source : Cesar Luis)

The Adoration of The Sherpherds

(Image Source : Susane Ruseler)

Super Bowl XLIII

(Image Source : Eric Gay)

 Seven Continents 2

(Image Source : Grete Howards)

Seven Continents

(Image Source : Grete Howard)

Sandcastle Universe

(Image Source : Tine Verheyden)

Sagrada Familia

(Image Source : SetosPuppy)

Neuschwanstein Castle

(Image Source : René)

Magical Moments Festival of Disneyland Paris

(Image Source : Blankenberge)

Leaders Sculptures

(Image Source : Natalia Kolesnikova)

King Kong

(Image Source : Sandstorm)


(Image Source : Susana)


(Image Source : Grain Damaged)

Flying Dutchman

(Image Source : Rijerse)

Flea Circus

(Image Source : Evelyn Tan)


(Image Source : BelialMadHatter)

Elephant Sand Sculpture

(Image Source : Weston and Sculptures)

Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate and Bridge and Swiss Clockwork

(Image Source : SetosPuppy)

Distance Gives Perspective

(Image Source : Jim Seida)

Castle From Fairy Tales

(Image Source : Sue McGrew)

Animal Sculptures

(Image Source : Sandstrom)

Alien Vs. Bender Sand

(Image Source : Grain Damaged)

Africa Animals Sand Sculpture

(Image Source : Sandstrom)

Abstract Sand Sculpture

(Image Source : Grain Damaged)