You must be wondering why I have named these inventions to be ‘odd’ and not any other word! Well, these are odd inventions because they try to cater to even your smallest/strangest of all the needs. For instance, do you always live in fear that your roommate or your younger sibling might steal all of your ice cream? If your answer is yes, then there is no need to worry anymore because the answer/device to resolve your problem has been invented.

And not only this, in this article I bring to you a list of 15 of the most useful but odd inventions. These inventions have been created to meet all of your strangest needs that you can ever imagine. You will definitely thank me later for introducing you with these weird but useful inventions.

Read ahead to Get to know that there are some great minds which always think of helping you in your strangest of all the needs!!

1Baby Mop – Cleaning Wherever They Go!


2Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock – Protecting Ice-Cream From The Greedy Roommate/Sibling


3Bond Handwriting Robot – To Replicate & Write Thank You Notes In Your Handwriting


4Breo iSee Eye Massagers – To Relief The Eye Stress


5Duffy London Swing Table – A Free-Standing & Free-Swinging Table


6Flyte Levitating Light Bulb – Enjoy Floating Lights


7Freight liner Inspiration Truck – Fully Autonomous


8GPS Smart Sole – Nobody Can Be Lost Now!


9Innovzen O2Chair – Health Enhancing Chair


10Hydro Hammock – Hot WaterBeds


11iPad Commode Caddy – To Eradicate Wrist Strain & Utilize Commode Time


12Shuttle Bike Kit – Transformable Into An Aquatic Vehicle


13Mint Breathometer – To Detect Fresh?Foul Breath


14Riken Robear – To Help Differently-Abled  People


15MX3D Bridge Printers – To Build Several Bridges

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