Children all have their own moments with their moms and dads. Seemingly, fathers and daughters do have a special bond that make every moment unlike any other; an incomparable bond that can’t be just taken away by anyone, a bond that you can always remember for the rest of your lives.

Before any other man, dads play a huge part in our lives. We may be young right now or have grown older, we won’t forget how our dads make our lives ever meaningful. We’ve got a compilation of memories of “firsts” that we could always ponder about – first kiss, first hug, first lullaby, first best friend, first buddy, first playmate, first lullaby and it’s just unstoppable. You might have thought of a lot more. As little girls, you still have a lot more days to live your day to the fullest with your dads. For all the daughters now far from home, from their dads, you’ve got tons of memories and reasons why you should appreciate your dads more.

Though we’ve all got different memories that we could picture inside our heads and a roller-coaster relationship with our dads, one thing’s for sure: they all have an unconditional love.

As we grow older, we sometimes forget how our relationship was with our dads. It could be somewhere deep in the corners of our head but we surely can find them. The following watercolor illustrations will make us realize how valuable they are in our lives and how we should appreciate them more and more each day.

1Lull me to sleep


2Let’s do this together!

3I’ll shower your toys but shower you with love

4I will always be your apprentice, your partner in crime

5We can always be silly and funny together

6I will always let you win

7I sometimes have to leave but I can’t

8I’ll do everything to make you laugh

9I’ll make time for you no matter what

10I won’t care how I could sleep, as long as you could sleep well

11I will always be the first one to cuddle you, to hug you

12If it’s you I am carrying, I won’t mind the back pains

13You are the prettiest princess in the world

14I will always be here for you, your very own superhero

All the photos are from here.