Media is indeed one of the best and most popular ways to stardom!

As technology rapidly develops, it has been the open doors for those who aspire name and fame, which is likewise their footsteps to financial success. Just get your phone, take a video, upload and voila! You’ll be a star in seconds. But be VERY careful what you post, that “upload” button could be your door to a successful stardom or worse, to a terrible devastation of your reputation. That would be too bad. I’d lock myself inside the room with windows closed if I were you.

 Youtube is absolutely one of the biggest video-sharing sites in the world and has been the portal and origin of many Youtubers who have found success and fame. There are hundreds or thousands or even millions of subscribers the site have and most of them have founded careers through it. Do you know some of them? And have you ever wondered how much these popular Youtubers make? You’ll be shocked to know!

Oh to remind you, all the Youtubers listed below are arranged by random order.


Top of all Youtubers! Since 2013, the 24-year-old Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or also known as PewDiePie on his Youtube channel, has been the Most Subscribed Channel on Youtube. With his goofy and energetic personality and sometimes obnoxious, many seemed to have liked him whenever he posts videos of himself while playing any kind of video games. His reactions are just so hilarious! As of 2014, Felix has had over 37 million subscribers and in June 2015, has had total views of 9 billion! His earnings has also summed up to $19 million a year. But he does not keep them all to himself, he shares his earnings to the charity.

Source: Engadget


When their ideas collide, you won’t get enough of your laugh! The comedy duo, Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla entered the world of Youtube in 2006 and was the Most Subscribed Channel since that year until 2012. Their channel features very entertaining funny videos and skits which have really captured a lot of subscribers. The two have gained fame and started to establish careers in the huge entertainment and movie industry as the voices behind the animated film Angry Birds and directed the movie Smosh: The Movie. With their success as youtubers, Anthony and Ian earn over $4 million annually or $330,000 a month. Their channel has over 20 million subscribers with the total views of 4.5 billion. Incredible!

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Beauty tips, makeup tutorials and entertaining funny videos are the main contents of her channel. Jenna Mourey, also known as Jenna Marbles, has grown her career success as a youtuber. Marbles is the name of her pet chihuahua by the way. With over 15 million subscribers and total views of 1.7 billions, no wonder she earned much with her Youtube career! With her earnings of $200,000 – $1.3 million annually, Jenna released a brand of dogs toys named as Kermie Worm and Mr.Marbles. 

Source: Zimbio


Nigahiga’s ridiculously funny videos will make you cry out laughing! Ryan Higa created his Youtuber channel in 2006 and made videos along with his friends. He’s made a lot of impersonations of celebrities in his Youtube videos and made hilarious versions of movie trailers and music videos. Some of his viral videos are “How to Hide Your Farts”, “First World Problems”, “Bromance” and a lot more. Since June 2015, Ryan Higa has over 14 million subscribers, 2.2 billion views and earns $6 million every year. Teehee!

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Benny Fine and Rafi Fine are popularly known with their Youtube channel as Fine Brothers Entertainment. Their intelligent ideas have come up with videos that went viral such as Kids React, Teens React, Youtubers React and Elders React which have gone very popular. The Fine Brothert now earn millions of dollars, an estimate of $4.5 million every year. Their channel has now over 12 million subscribers and total views of 4 billion.

Source: Techtimes

6BETHANY MOTA – $840,000

Bethany’s known for her Youtube channel Macbarbie07 and she’s worked her way to fame with her haul videos. With her lovely voice, she has also collaborated with other youtubers and popular singers and has now released her debut single “Need You Right Now”. Bethany’s channel has so far, 9 million subscribers with total video views of over 600 million views. Her highest earnings have summed up to $840,000 a year. Because of her success and popularity through Youtube, in 2014, she was named one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014” by Time Magazine. What beauty and brains you are Bethany!

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7ZOELLA – $970,000

Let’s meet our next charming and lovely youtuber, Zoella! Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is an English fashion and beauty vlogger. She rose to fame with her beauty tips and makeup tutorials. No wonder she’s that beautiful! Zoella had her debut novel Girl Online on November 25 2014, which has sold 342,562 copies as of April 2015! Zoella has now over 8 million subscribers, over 330 million views and earns $970,000 a year. Wow!

Source: Connect.socialite

8TYLER OAKLEY – $600,000

Tyler Oakley first entered Youtube back in 2007 and his video posts include commentary, vlogs and other funny videos. He’s very open with his sexuality as gay and has been an advocate for gay rights, healthcare, education and LGBT youth. Tyler has now 7 million subscribers, total of 13 million views and earns over $600,000 a month!

Source: Laweekly

9MICHELLE PHAN – $550,000

She’s one of the first beauty vloggers in Youtube, Michelle Phan. Michelle started out with makeup tutorials and later on, many subscribers had requested for further details and instructions. She rose to popularity and garnered over 7 million subscribers on her channel and with total views of 1 billion. She has been an inspiration to many as she always encourages everyone to pursue their dreams and that everything could be possible with hard work. As she’s become known through Youtube, many makeup brands collaborated with her such L’Oreal and Lancome. Because of her expertise as a makeup demonstrator, and of course her love for makeup, Michelle now has her own makeup line, EM Cosmetics. As a youtuber, Michelle earns around $550,000 a year.

Source: Sourcefed


He’s not your ordinary daily vlogger! Joe Sugg is the last in our list, but not the least who earns millions on Youtube. Joe Sugg is Zoella Sugg’s younger brother and obviously, both of them has their careers as youtubers. This cute British guy, Joe, started in Youtube only in 2011 and this year, he has garnered almost 5 million subscribers with total video views of over 350 billion! The main genre of his videos is comedy and he will never ever fail to make you laugh!

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So here is the list of the popular youtubers and how much they earn a year! Considering a change in your career? Go ahead and upload!

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