Summer season is just the best way to enjoy the intense heat of the sun – visiting the beautiful beaches, getting along with family and friends, getting that sun kissed tan and flaunting your best bikini body. Oooh la la!

Taking some time for yourself or with your family probably be one of the difficult or complicated things to have when you’re a celebrity or better yet, a Hollywood actor or actress. Fortunately, some of these celebrities, of course, do not get stuck with their hectic schedules filming, photo shooting, rehearsing or whatever they are assigned to do. Families, I guess, are still their priorities. But they also keep some time for themselves and yes, THEY DO as these sexy female celebrities show off their best bikini bods!

You’d probably wonder how they could just maintain their bodies physically and gorgeously fit for their sexy bikinis. Let’s check them all out!


District 11’s tribute and symbol of strength and beauty, Katniss Everdeen, seems to have taken some time for a while to hit the beach and get herself soaked up. Heroes do need a break too! The Hunger Games Trilogy actress, the ever gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence flaunted her sexy bikini body with her blue swimsuit and spent time with her family in Hawaii back in 2012.

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The former Transformers actress, Megan Fox, showed off her incredible bikini body with mismatched swimsuit in Hawaii in 2012 as she spent some time with her husband Brian Austin Green. She’s now a mom of two and has always had that sexy bikini body!

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Another superhero on a break. The Avengers Black Widow actress, Scarlett Johansson showed off her bikini figure in Hawaii back in 2012 while she was dating Nate Naylor at that time. Anyway, since 2014, Scarlett’s been married to the French journalist Romain Dauriac and now have a daughter together.

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Just imagine one of those scenes in the movie Charlie’s Angels as she runs towards the shore in slow mo. Sexy! Cameron Diaz is looking hot in her black swimsuit revealing her bodacious bikini physique. She sure is one hot angel.

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Still a hottie at 40s! How could she be so looking incredibly hot at 42? Sofia Vergara never fails to show off her flattering figure in a glamorous beach look. Back in 2013 in Greece, Sofia took over Greece’s lovely beach as she unveils her bikini body with her black cutout swimsuit which surely flatters her figure.

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One of the best every young-looking beauties in Hollywood, definitely Demi Moore. Demi’s allure couldn’t have been undeniably sexy. This mother of three lovely ladies has always rocked in her bikini body and now in black swimsuit! Who would have thought she’s already 52? Life’s just truly unfair.



And yes, another lovely angel has fallen! Charlie’s Angels tough charmer seemed to have enjoyed the waves! Drew Barrymore flaunted her bikini body in two-piece swimsuit unveiling her tattoos. Well, Drew has always had that charming and beautiful face, plus the sexy body, but sadly we won’t be seeing too much of that in the big screen. In an interview, the 40-year-old actress, admitted she can’t be sailing in both career and family and as a mom of two kids, Drew wanted to focus more with her children. What an adorable momma!



Probably one of the beaches’ favorite, Jennifer Aniston. Not as a paranoid patient recovering from her trauma (who gets caught up a lonely life) just like in the movie Cake, Jennifer actually, never forgets to enjoy some time for herself. She is often caught hitting the beaches with her husband and friends. And her sexy bod’s an absolute trend! Jennifer’s sexy bikini body is never a disappointment and keeps, as always, her beautiful physique.

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Ooooppps! Might get a little competition over here! Jennifer Aniston’s quite a hottie as Brad Pitt’s ex-wife but THE wife is too, Angelina Jolie! Angelina doesn’t seem to have the paparazzis going crazy over her beach and bikini shots, unless she’s get caught filming another Tomb Raider sequel or Salt or Wanted or another action movie. One thing’s for sure, she’s always pulled off a sexy, daring, tough and cool – all in one – action star. And in real life, she can just simply show off her sexy side in a bikini. Just effortless.



The Latin-American beauty, Jessica Alba displays her fabulous and flawless figure in a purple two-piece swimsuit. Back in April this year, Jessica took some time for vacation with her family in Caribbean. In her Instagram account, Jessica always shares her exercise routines on how she maintains her fit physique. She works hard for it. No doubt she’s that flawlessly fit!

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Keith Urban’s beloved wife, Nicole Kidman, flashes a sweet smile in a beach in Sydney, Australia. The Paperboy actress, goes out with her long sleeve skintight pink top and white bikini bottoms. it surely compliments her figure revealing a curvy and sexy physique!

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Olivia Wilde’s undeniably looking hot and wild in her colorful bikini while enjoying the heat under the Hawaiian sun with her husband Jason Sudeikis. The couple opted to spend their Christmas last year in Hawaii and enjoyed some water adventures – snorkeling, paddle boarding and canoodling. With that sexy body, Olivia’s a sporty hottie!

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Storm didn’t surge all the way to Malibu for the X-Men Storm, Halle Berry, stood out in the beach in her gorgeous bikini body with the sun as her spotlight. Wow! She’s 48, by the way.



She’s breaking free! And she’s a high school sweetheart no more. The 26-year-old High School Musical series actress, Vanessa Hudgens, flaunts a slim and curvy physique with her colorful bikini in Hawaii. What a gorgeous lady!



Italy’s all in heat with Eva Mendes’ alluring body! The 41-year-old actress flaunts her beautiful body in a black two-piece bikini. Isn’t she lovely?

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Hawaii seems to be everyone’s favorite. The Mad Max: Fury Road actress, Charlize Theron goes out in the beach in Hawaii with a mismatch bikini, and that surely flatters her flawless figure. Whew!

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Courteney Cox getting all soaked up for her 50th birthday last year on a getaway trip in Turks and Caicos. She still rocks that black two-piece bikini at 51! How could she ever do that?



Even before she gave birth to her daughter Rose Christensen and until now, Rachel Bilson has always had that perfect and curvy and indeed jaw-dropping bikini body. When she gets herself out for a sunkissed tan in the beach, she’s surely a competition! Better work out for a sexy physique like hers!



As hot as iron, Iron Man lead actress Gwyneth Paltrow has her daily routine of exercise and unique diet which seemed obvious on how her physique looks like – bikini-ready body. Such a beauty!



Interstellar and Les Miserables actress, Anne Hathaway enjoyed the beach in Miami with her husband way back in 2012.

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Pretty woman walking down the beach! Oh pretty woman! Who could every forget Julia Roberts in the list? At 47, Julia Roberts still rocks the bikini with her beautiful body, and of course, with the perfect Mona Lisa smile!

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You’ll probably be enchanted with the Harry Potter series lead actress, Emma Watson as she flaunts her bikini body out in the beach. Some say she may not be as daringly sexy as the others but she surely has a fit physique! Don’t you taunt her or you’ll be bewitched!

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Michelle Williams, who played Marilyn Monroe in the 2011 movie A Week With Marilyn, enjoyed some aquatic activities out in the beach in Hawaii with her daughter Matilda. With her two-piece polka dot bikini, she is indeed a sexy mommy!

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She’s legally sexy with her mismatched bikini! And her bikini body is definitely a beauty. Legally Blonde actress Reese Witherspoon enjoys the waters, yet again, in Hawaii.



Naomi Watts’ turquoise one-piece swimsuit definitely accentuates her slim and curvy body. As always, the 43-year-old actress, Naomi, enjoys the beach with her family – her husband  Lieve Schrieber and their two sons Sasha and Sammy.


We’re done with our list! So who do you think has the best bikini body? Don’t be shy to share!