Hair is everything to every woman. When you’ve got that very long and silky hair, you can style it whatever you want! Highlights and streaks, colors, or maybe have it with soft curls or soft waves, straight or curly, ugh! There are tons of things to do with it! Hair is indeed a woman’s crowning glory. However you style it, it unveils another part of you that is so beautiful and when you feel that way, it allows you to develop such confidence. Don’t you agree?

Going over these dramatic and encouraging lines, would you feel the same way without your hair? Wait, WHAT?! WITHOUT?! That would definitely be a drastic and absurd change! But in this unjust and cruel world, there are these beautiful ladies who could just rock their looks with shaved heads.

Want to know who they are? Let’s track down these 16 Hottest Female Celebrities with Shaved Heads!

1Charlize Theron

The Mad Max: Fury Road actress, Charlize Theron is still a beauty with her hair shaved and actually thought of shaving it for her role. She was quite thrilled on having her hair shaved just for the movie!

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2Natalie Portman

Didn’t your heart just break when you get to see someone shaves Natalie’s hair before dragging her into her cell? You might have remembered that scene from her movie V for Vendetta. Just like Charlize, Natalie Portman had her hair shaved for her role. Twas such a shocking portrayal of violence but Natalie was actually too excited about her hair being shaved.

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3Sigourney Weaver

The Alien series had been one of the successful movies way back then and Sigourney Weaver was one tough woman and survivor in that movie. She also revealed her shaved head on the third sequel, Alien 3 in 1992.

4Anne Hathaway

Everyone was moved when Anne Hathaway was having her hair shaved in a particular scene just for her role in the movie Les Miserables. It was quite a drastic look for Anne but still, her shaved head didn’t alter her magnificent beauty.

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5Demi Moore

Another tough woman right here! Demi Moore looked stunningly beautiful with her shaved head for her role as a navy seal in the 1997 movie G.I. JANE. 

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6Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett definitely loved her shaved head! For her 2002 thriller movie, Heaven, Cate phased onto a shaved head look and wasn’t even afraid what might people say about it. She explained, “I think you’ve just got to embrace it. You have to be prepared to shed your natural vanity, and if the part requires it, shed parts of yourself that perhaps make you feel more secure.”

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7Agyness Deyn

As a model, Agyness Deyn always showcases a different look even for a shaved head! Now she has grown her hair back, she admitted how she misses her shaved head; how easy it is to manage or rather, how she’s got nothing to manage or maintain. No more brushes and hairdryers!

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8Danai Gurira

One of the beautiful actresses who ever rocked the shaved head look is The Walking Dead actress, Danai Gurira. It’s not because of a role from a movie, but Danai just wanted to. How gorgeous!

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9Britney Spears

The teen popstar-turned-rebel, Britney Spears, shocked the media in 2007 with her shaved head. It was reported, but not yet proven, that Britney had all of her hair shaved to hide the evidence for drugs. She was amidst the issue for her children’s custody. When the judge said that she would be tested for drugs and if turned out positive, she’d lose custody. And that’s when Britney just had to shave all her hair off. Ooops! She did it again!

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10Jessie J

Just how Jessie J’s looking really gorgeous with her new hairdo, and so her heart is. For the charity, Comic Relief, Jessie J had her hair shaved off in order to raise funds. Well it’s not all about the money, money, money, to unveil your true beauty, but all about the heart!

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11Lupita Nyong’o

The 12 Years A Slave actress and Academy Award Winner for Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong’o, has always had her hair short, well, really short. Due to an excessive damaged hair, at the age of 19, Lupita decided to had her hair shaved. She has always rocked that shaved head. Wow!

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12Solange Knowles

Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange Knowles, naturally has that curly hair but undoubtedly, she gorgeously pulled off a shaved head. Regarding her hairdo, she tweeted “I just wanted to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with their hair…”

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13Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan shocked everybody with her shaved head as she pulled out her red wig at the Comic Con in 2013. For her role as Nebula in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Karen had to have her hair shaved. Wouldn’t you agree how beautiful she is?

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14Jaime Winstone

Love, Rosie actress Jaime Winstone pulled off a shaved head back in 2012 for her TV series, Mad Dogs. With her hairdo, she shared how she felt ‘liberated’ and how she felt like having a refreshing start in her life!

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15Cynthia Nixon

She’s known as the redhead in the American series Sex and the City. Cynthia Nixon came out bald and surprised everyone at the talk show Live with Kelly back in 2012. The actress had her hair shaved off for her role in the theatrical play Wit on Broadway, as a cancer patient.

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16Natalie Dormer

Last but not the least, Natalie Dormer. Well, she’s not as bald as the others in our list and either completely had her hair shaved off, but I guess she’s worth the place in our list. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay actress unveiled a very sexy shaved head for her role in the movie as Cressida. Just look how sexy she is with that hairdo!

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Aren’t they all just so gorgeous with their shaved heads? Couldn’t agree more!

Who do you think best pulled off the shaved head? Comment below!