If you think that only a woman should make an investment to add things to make herself attractive, then you are wrong. Just like women, men also need to upgrade their clothing and footwear collection. As for footwear, it has been noted that every man needs to own a minimum of five pairs.

Such collection can help ensure that he will have something to wear on all occasions, particularly at work and during special events. If you’re a man but still unsure what footwear to invest in.

Then here are few types of shoes every man should own

1The Oxford Shoe

This type of shoe for men has been around for a long time already and that’s for a good reason. Such style actually originated in Europe. However, it only started gaining popularity during the 1800s in the US. It’s a classic style that you’ll most likely see from men.

One advantage of Oxfords is that they are highly versatile. A simple brown or black one, for instance, is necessary for completing your suit. You will instantly notice the versatility of this style as you can actually dress it up or down.

You can also wear the Oxford shoe on a number of occasions, including when you’re on a date or when you just want to hang out with your friends.

2High-end Sneaker

Of course, you also need to invest in a pair of high-end sneaker to complete your footwear collection. It’s a versatile piece in any man’s wardrobe. Based on your personal style, such sneaker can be a winning piece of your overall outfit for various occasions.

Whether you go for a canvas, suede or leather material, it’s possible for it to pair appropriately well with your summer suit, chinos or a chambray shirt. If possible, though, go for a pair of white sneakers.

It looks clean and classy plus it pairs well with several of your casual outfits including the more dressy ones. Pair it up with a well-fitted blazer and dark wash jeans and you will surely look amazing.

3Work Boots

If you’re a working professional, then you need a pair of work boots, too, especially if your job is demanding and you’re constantly exposed to some risks and safety hazards. It would be best to look for a work boot, which is ideal for use in a bad weather.

Consider the place you are currently working on. Make sure that your chosen work boot is one, which can handle heavy winds, freezing rivers, or snowflakes especially if you’re constantly exposed to them.

In addition, go for those with a rubber sole and reinforced stitches to ensure that they are durable. Go for those made of leather, too, as such material can handle even the most adverse weather conditions.

It’s also essential to check and assess the safety features integrated into the boot. Go for one, which can really offer you full protection from various hazards.

4Suede Driving Moccasins

This is another footwear you should consider of owning. It’s perfect during the summer but it’s also good to wear during the other seasons based on the climate of the area you are living or working in.

One benefit of this footwear is that it is very comfortable. It serves as the comfy middle ground between a pair of sneaker and dress shoe. Once you broke this shoe in, you’ll feel really comfortable in the sense that it will feel like you’re just wearing socks.

When wearing the moccasins, though, ensure that you only wear a pair of socks that does not show with them. If you’re wearing it for the first time, protect the suede material from liquids and dirt by using a scotch guard.

Also, take note that it tends to get dirty as it is made of suede material. Though it only has a shorter life, you will still don’t care since you’ll be glad of the utmost comfort offered by the shoe.

5The Wingtip

This style also deserves a spot in a man’s footwear collection. One advantage of this shoe is that it is versatile that it works well on almost all occasions. You can pair up this footwear with a button down shirt and chinos. The good news is that you can use this outfit at work and during happy hour.

It’s also suitable for certain occasions, like a wedding, thereby proving its flexibility. It also comes with decorative perforations, making them unique.

Final Words

Mentioned in this article are just a few types of shoes every man should own. There are still a lot more and all it takes is to figure out which ones you should include in your collection as they can benefit you the most.