Forearm tattoo designs for girls

Tattoos are not only in vogue but they also tend to speak a lot about our lives. You don’t just get any random design inked on your body. It is always something that either reflects your personality or something that means a lot to you. For instance, a traveler will get a tattoo design that will be somehow related to travel.

Are you planning to get inked and are in search of an awesome minimalist forearm tattoo design? Well, it actually looks cool to get inked on the forearm. For all the girls out there, have a look at the jaw-dropping minimalist forearm tattoo designs listed below and you will love each and every one of these. Sometimes, tattoos are able to sum up your entire life. Alternately, you can also dedicate a tattoo to your beloved. Select the design that suits your personality and need and get it done on your forearm anytime soon.

Even you already have a tattoo on any other body part;

it is time for the ladies to sport a minimalist tattoo on the forearm.

1The gorgeous you

2Fly high

3The traveler

4Fight back

5Let it heal

6All about love

7Trust and belief

8The Positive Soul

9Soul sisters

10Be strong

11The Queen

12Live life

13The cat lover

14Because God

15Stay strong

16Hope never dies

17The coordinates

18The bad phase



20The pet love


22The optimistic you

23Feel happy

24Life’s lesson

25The special date

Image Source: Pinterest