Don’t you just love dessert? The moment someone says chocolate, I find it really hard to concentrate on anything else. Even if you do not have such strong sugar cravings, I warn you that the pictures you are going to see next are going to make you drool.

I am amazed at the kind of creativity which people come with. The shoe bakery came up with the concept of dessert-inspired shoes. It takes a lot of caliber not to ogle them like a hungry dog because they are simply too good to resist. No matter whether you are a cake lover or you have a fetish for shoes, you are going to fall equally for these incredibly designed shoes which look so yummy that you would want to chew them up. Nom nom nom.

Let us steal a look into 15 of the best desert shoes you must own and see what the amazing confectionery designed shoes look like and how have they created such a buzz. Are they really fashion-savvy and can it give you a serious dessert craving? Watch out for yourself!

These shoes have been custom created by Chris Campbell and are worth dying for.


This stunning heel looks gorgeous and the smudged chocolate makes it a lot more real.

2White Poppers

These heels look dazzling as the toppings and the dripping chocolate with the cherry makes it priceless.

3Yum Flats

I have never had a craving for wafers so bad, ever before!

4The Real Blast

Look at these absolutely gorgeous design where the blue and the pink blends to give the perfect feeling of a yumilicous dessert.

5Wedging The Cake

Do I really need to tell how much I am craving to eat this piece?

6Savoring The Last Bite

These stylish green wedges are so cool that you will love to wear them with every outfit.

7Sinfully White

These gorgeous high heels with an impeccable white frosting and the pink dropping delicious layering makes this pair of shoes a must have in your wardrobe.

8Marry Me, Shoes

The stylish laced pattern at the rims gives these perfect white shoes the ultimate wedding look. If shoes were people, you would want to marry it!

9Grab A Wafer

If you love wafers, there is no reason as to why you should not pick this pair of perfect flats. It will stand out no matter where you go.

10Ruffled Cream

I don’t need to tell you how sinfully delighting this pair of heel looks! Leave women, men can’t stop them from ogling this beauty.

11Dripping Cream, Lusty Chocolate

The way the cream drops and the kind of finishing which this shoe has makes it one of the perfect pieces that will paint the happiest smile on your face.

12Pretty Princess

If you worship pink like I do, this is the shoe you must grab. Look at that cherry and the perfect icing. I have a craving for both shoes and cake together.

13Hail The Red Velvet

Nobody could beat the delicious taste of the red velvet when it comes to desert. If you too have a sweet tooth for the red velvet cake or even the cute cupcake, make it a point to go for this stylish shoe design. The blend of white and red is too good to ignore.

14Caramel Indulgence

The more I say, the less it is. These stilettos seem to give me sugar craving in a way nothing else could. The frosting looks so real that I would be tempted to taste it once.

15The Bliss Of Chocolate

Like we say the daintiest last to make the end most sweet, this is by far the chocolatiest of all and needs no words of praise.

Which ones did you love the best? I can’t wait to own them! Slurp.

All images have been picked from here.