The acting industry is definitely the center of fame which flashes a vast array of male and female celebrities who are criticized and admired not only by their talent, personality, looks, and career dedication but as well as their taste for fashion.

As the spotlight flickers, these male and female Hollywood stars indeed shine at their best with glam and elegance as they channel their different preferences in fashion. Obviously and inevitably, they have always been the basis of which clothing etiquette would be the best or the worst in our modern day or even in the next years. Since women fashion truly shows an enormous variety of clothing, female celebrities sometimes get more noticeable.

You might think “Yeah, men are all about ties and suits, shirts and pants.” Sounds mundane. Well, yeah, it could be the fact but don’t stick to that just yet. Not until you see these fabulous male celebrities as they show off their personal clothing etiquette.

The clothing etiquette that projects their very own version of fashion, a stunning clothing ensemble.

Everyone’s got their eye for these hot male celebrities! And they’ve got incredible taste for fashion. Want to know who they are? Go glam up your wardrobe with this style guide!


Our Deadpool lead actor, Ryan Reynolds, never fails to share his own sense of style. Looking good from casual to formal, don’t you think?

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Our Captain America hottie, Chris Evans, is definitely the captain of a unique fashion collection. Which is your favorite pick?

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Looks like Zac Efron’s got a thing for blazers and gorgeous ensembles. He seemed to pull them off so effortlessly.

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He could be one of the hottest celebrities of all time and looking even much better at 54. It could definitely be because of his looks but his sense of fashion drives it all out as well. Guess he’s getting some tips from his ever fashionista wife.

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Our modern-day James Bond, Daniel Craig, seems to have given his cool character justice. His cool sense of fashion tells it all.

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Seems like Ben Affleck’s on-the-go attire are these coats. Voila! Off you go!

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No question, Bradley Cooper is one of the hottest male covers of fashion magazines. Don’t you agree?

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Off the cam, Jake Gyllenhaal pulls off a casual attire with denims and polo. That seemed his favorite. While on the formal attire, blue suit looks ever more elegant.

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The Notebook lead actor, Ryan Gosling, is always as sexy as ever and his fashion never gets off the pace. Better keep his clothing etiquette and you’ll definitely get those effortless looks.

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We can’t deny, Iron Man actor, Robert Downey Jr. is one of a kind and so his fashion. His bubbly personality simply reflects on his sense of style, his clothing etiquette, and he could pull them off so perfectly.

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One of the hottest and remarkable actors of Hollywood, Will Smith, endows you a colorful style guide. How come red suit looks so much better on Will?

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Black, gray and white has always been a perfect ensemble. Jude Law proves it.

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Tom Cruise may not be as popular in his fashion as he is with his suicidal and outrageous stunts, he surely knows how to pull off a hottie look with his simple casual attire.

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We all know David Beckham brings out his coolest side as an English Footballer but his stylish outfits bring a lot more. Sexy!

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Who would ever forget our favorite wizard, Harry Potter? Daniel Radcliffe may not be often spotted with his casual looks, but this collection of his formal attire is just stunning.

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Which do you think has the best fashion etiquette? Let us know!

  • Daniel Radcliffe totally tops this list! 🙂 Tom Hiddleston should also be here <3